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How to Use a Tape Measure and Bar Clamp to Measure without Calipers
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Using a bar clamp as a caliper If you need to get a measurement for a difficult piece too big for your normal calipers, a bar clamp can work in a pinch.

During a recent fireplace mantel rebuild, I needed to take an accurate inside measurement of an assembled frame in order to replace a raised panel. The existing panel, and the rounded-over edges of its opening, made it difficult to take the reading with my tape measure. Instead, I grabbed a bar clamp and used the flares on the bottom of the jaws to serve as a quick-and-dirty caliper. I spread the jaws open until the outer edges of the flares contacted the panel opening. Then I carefully removed the clamp and measured the flares for an accurate reading of the opening. It was just the tool I needed!

posted on June 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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