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Teknatool Introduces NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe at 2011 AWFS Show
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Teknatool NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe Teknatool's Midi Lathe comes with a powerful, variable speed motor and can be converted into a belt sander, wet stone sharpener, and other useful configurations.

Another star of the 2011 AWFS show, from Teknatool, was the NOVA™ Comet II Midi Lathe. The unit features a variable-speed motor with an rpm range from 250 to 4,000 rpm and capacities of a 12" swing over bed and 16-1⁄2" between centers (expandable to 42" with an accessory). But that’s not all: the Comet II Midi Lathe, with the NOVA Versaturn™ Adaptable Coupler, can also turn the lathe into an 8" wet stone, 6" x 3/4" belt sander, flexible-shaft carving tool, grinding wheel, 6" sanding disk or 6" by 1" wire brush with the use of accessory attachments. Suggested price was $499 in 2011.

posted on October 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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