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Using a Template for Stick Building Gables and Door Frames for Small Structures
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Drawing out gable design on plywood To start the design for your gables, place your back wall adjacent to a piece of plywood and mark out the shape, transferring the angles to the rafters.

Place the back wall adjacent to a piece of plywood and draw the gable shape. Mark the angles (approximately 60°) on the rafters and make your cuts.

Joining top plate and rafter pieces Join the rafters at their peak, the glue and screw them together, it is easier if you pre-bore the screw holes before joinery.

Join the rafters at the peak and to the top plate. Use exterior glue and galvanized screws. Make the job easier by pre-boring all screw holes and by clamping the workpieces together prior to driving the screws.

Creating door from rafter and door header To create the top of the door, clamp the rafters to the squared header then glue them up and add an angled screw.

Mark for the two angled cuts on the door header and make the cuts. Then glue and screw the header to the rafters.

posted on June 1, 2008 by Lars Dalsgaard
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