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How to Test a Cabinet Table Saw with Dust Collection, Tabletop and Saw Blade Tests
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Testing cabinet saw for blade flange runout Testing the table for flatness and using a dial indicator to check for arbor shaft and blade flange runout are keys to checking the durability of your saw.

A cabinet saw is an investment most of us make for a lifetime, so you want durability, accuracy, sensible features and plenty of power. To that end, I checked each saw’s cast-iron tabletop for flatness with a straightedge and feeler gauge. All were within .003" of flatness — a satisfactory measure for me. I examined arbor shaft and blade flange runout with a dial indicator to see how closely blades would spin on a single axis and plane. I considered .001" reasonable for shaft runout and .002" acceptable for the flange. All 10 saws met these tolerances.

Installing a Freud LU84R saw blade in a cabinet saw To ensure the tests are completely fair, the author installed a new Freud LU84R saw blade in each saw he tested.

Then, I tested each saw’s mettle and general manners by making 25 rip cuts, bevel rips and crosscuts on 3-ft. long slabs of 8/4 poplar or birch. A fresh Freud LU84R combination blade was installed in each, and dust collection was provided by a new Oneida two-stage dust collector drawing 850 cfm of working pressure — more than sufficient for this purpose.

Oneida 850 cfm Two Stage Dust Collector A good way to check how much dust is being thrown off by a project is using a single dust collector (like this one from Oneida) and checking it after every test.

While all the saws were up to the task of heavy cutting, dust collection efficiency varied widely. Finally, I scrutinized individual saw features carefully.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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