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How to Test Plunge and Combination Kits Before Making a Router Purchase
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Combination router motor assembly Whenever you have the chance, test out a router before you buy it to ensure you are comfortable with its usage, features and assembly.

Most people would never buy a set of golf clubs without taking a few swings or a pair of shoes without trying them on for size. Follow that same practice when shopping for a router.

You’ll find that routers come with a variety of handle styles, shapes and sizes. Switch and control layouts vary, too.Your router should fit your hands comfortably, and the On/Off switch and plunge controls should be easy to reach. Make sure the depth stop system on your plunge router is simple to understand so you’ll have an easy time using it when necessary. Have a look at the sub-bases that come with the tool. Make sure one of them will accept rub collars. Combination kits are designed to be interchangeable.Try out the motor removal mechanism. It should work smoothly and lock the motor securely in both bases. All in all, buy a router that makes sense to you and feels really comfortable to use, even if it costs a little more than other similar models. If you’re like most of us, you’ll power it up for nearly every project you build, so why not enjoy the ride?

posted on December 1, 2008 by Chris Marshall
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