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The Milescraft SignCrafter and SignPro for Easy Router-Cut Wood Signs
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For professional looking router-cut wood signs, the Milescraft SignCrafter has been the hobbyist’s tool of choice for a while now.  We think it’s because there really isn’t anything else out there that’s as affordable, reliable or above all, easy to use.

That’s the main thing; it’s really easy. Here are the instructions in a nutshell:

1. Open the box.

2. Assemble the template, including the desired combination of individual letter templates, and the metal rails and side bars that hold them in place (allow about twenty minutes).

3. Use the integrated clamping mechanism to secure the template assembly to the workpiece.

4. Attach the specially designed base plate and tool-free TurnLock guide bushing to your router, centering the assembly with the supplied guide pin (for most routers, fifteen to twenty minutes at the outside).

5. Use a straight, core box, or V-groove bit to the cut the letters, letting the bushing and templates guide you through each letter (five to fifteen minutes, depending on the length of the sign).

What could be better? Well, if you’re planning to take after sign making with a vengeance, we’d recommend a modest upgrade to the SignPro system.  A few extra features make it the best choice for the “habitual” sign maker:  The low profile C-clamp design adds stability to the template assembly, as do the extra-sturdy metal rails.  The brass-nosed guide bushings will cut a lot of letters before showing the first signs of wear.  The SignPro comes with high quality carbide 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ core box bits. And the SignPro lets you orient numbers vertically to cut address numbers on mailbox posts and other popular numbering applications.

posted on November 10, 2006 by Rockler
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3 thoughts on “The Milescraft SignCrafter and SignPro for Easy Router-Cut Wood Signs”

  • mike

    the templates are good but we had to modify the holder

  • Tom Cary

    This sign maker is excellant
    the plastic ends which hold the template to maintain the proper distance between letters are 1/8" plastic.
    They break VERY easily.
    We need parts or an aluminum track holder to hold the template letters.

  • Ken Manning

    I purchased a Model No 1212 SignPro from a person claiming the product had never been out of it's box. All appears OK except there are no "rail joiners". can you help me please. Regards, Ken Manning

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