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The Most Dangerous Tool in the Shop?
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Working with table saws bookWe've always said that the most potential for mishap in any woodworking situation is supplied by the woodworker. Apparently, we're not the only ones who think so. The folks at the recently asked a hundred forum-submitting woodworkers what they think is the most dangerous tool in the woodshop and got just the same answer. They also came up with a not-so-obvious list of what this cross-section of the woodworking population rates as the next nine most dangerous woodworking tools. Along with the list, you'll find some great tool safety and maintenance advice and online resources in the very useful, "Ultimate Guide to the Top Ten Most Dangerous Woodworking Power Tools."

Once again, were harpin' on the safety issue. Getting to know your power tools is just that important. It's equally important to keep them sharp and in top working order. Fortunately, power tool safety, use and maintenance resources are plentiful. A woodworking class is a great place to learn how to use power tools safely and to your best advantage. Check with the Rockler retail store near you to see what classes and free demos they have coming up. For a quick tour of the most important tool maintenance considerations, read through "Tool Maintenance Made Easy" right here on And for a look deep into the inner-workings of the tools you use most, think about adding a power tool book to your library. Nearly all offer great tips on using tools effectively along with vital safety facts. Be an informed woodworker - you'll be time, money and possibly even fingers ahead in the long run.

posted on February 22, 2007 by Rockler
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