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The New Rockler-Exclusive 3-in-1 Power Tool Book
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router bandsaw tablesaw bookIf you're looking for a little direction on how to use and maintain a table saw, band saw or a router, you won't have any trouble finding sources of advice - good and bad. But it's not always easy to put together scraps of info from a forum here and an article there into one reliable "big picture". And reliable, in-depth outside information is good to have: No one was born knowing how to accurately calibrate a table saw, or whether an up-cut or down-cut router bit is the best and safest choice for a deep mortise.

Having a basic reference library covering the tools you use most will save you time, help you avoid safety pitfalls, and expand your woodworking horizons in a hurry. But it's an easy thing to put off, and it's not easy to judge whether the information you are getting is accurate and complete. If you've been wingin' it up to this point, here's a great opportunity to put some of the best information available on woodworking's big three power tools on your bookshelf. The Rockler-exclusive Router - Tablesaw - Bandsaw Book bundles three highly respected power tool books into convenient, comprehensive package.

Written by power tool experts Pat Warner, Lonnie Bird and Kelly Mehler, the book covers everything you need to know about the most important tools in your shop. This Fine Woodworking offering is truly one stop shopping for everything from tool maintenance and safety to time-saving shortcuts and instruction on building useful jigs. The Router - Bandsaw - Tablesaw Book will cost you about half of what it would to buy the books separately and you'll find it only at Rockler.

posted on March 2, 2007 by Rockler
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