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The Pack Rack - A Clamp Storage Solution on Wheels
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Pack RackWhere do you keep your clamps? Stacked in a corner? Mixed in with a pile of wood? Hung precariously from a makeshift two-by-four “clamp rack”? Wherever you last used them?

The middle of a glue-up is no time to be searching for the clamps you need. But for many of us, sadly, that’s the way things often go. If only we all had a place perfectly designed for storing clamps, adhesives, rags and other clamping-related equipment; or better still, a handy rolling clamp storage cart that we could bring right up to our workbench whenever we needed it.

The tool designers at Rockler know that in just about every shop, space is at a premium – and that it’s especially true for a small home-shop. To help out, they’ve recently tackled one of the most common shop organization problems in woodworking. With the new Pack Rack Clamp and Tool Storage System, you now have the opportunity not only to keep tabs on your core clamp collection, but also a chance to free-up valuable shop space and streamline the clamping/gluing process.

The basic Pack Rack consists of a heavy-duty steel A-frame mounted on four industrial-quality casters and a system of  5/8” steel clamp-hanging rods, which can be arranged in any of thirteen possible positions. The eight clamp rods included with the basic kit will let you keep all of your most used clamps at your fingertips, up to 4 foot pipe and bar clamps.

But you won’t want to stop there. Fitting the bottom of the Pack Rack frame with a plywood shelf will help you keep glue bottles, Clamp-It Assembly Squares, Web Clamps, a dead blow mallet – whatever comes in handy during the clamping process. Also included are four steel auxiliary shelf brackets for the addition of a shop-made shelf at the height of your choice. The shelf brackets hang from the clamp rods; by design, they provide a little extra shelf-to-bar clearance and won’t interfere with the clamp-hanging function of the bars.

Even more space and versatility comes with a few accessories. Additional shelf hooks and standard clamp rods are available for a modest price, in packs of two and four respectively. Extended-length clamp rods are also available. They extend out past the edge of the Pack Rack frame and give you a place to keep awkward, extra-long pipe and bar clamps. And to top it all off (literally) there’s an optional steel shelf available for the top of the frame.

pack rack and accessoriesWhen it’s all said and done, the Pack Rack offers the potential for a one-stop mobile glue-up station. It’s a great storage solution, both for large shops, where it simplifies the process of moving clamps, glue and related equipment form one location to another, and for small shops, where it helps keep things organized and out of the way when not in use. We think it’s a winner, and we can’t wait to hear the same from Pack Rack owners. In fact, we’re so anxious to hear what our customers think, we’ll be sending one lucky Pack Rack customer reviewer (chosen at random) a $100 Gift Card just for offering an opinion. How’s that for a deal? Efficient, rolling clamp-containment and (provided you post your review by June 15) a chance to win back two thirds of the cost. See the Pack Rack offer for details.

posted on May 9, 2008 by Rockler
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