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The Pocket Hole Quick Change Adapter Set
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The uses of pocket hole joinery are many, but the speed the method provides is especially appreciated in “production tasks” involving otherwise time-consuming and difficult-to-secure joinery. Pocket hole joinery is just about the fastest way to make a strong connection out of the typically weak butt joint, for example, and because of that vast numbers of cabinetmakers use nothing but pocket screws to join the stiles and rails of their face frames. Pocket hole joinery is at its best in any project, in fact, where ending up with a strong joint in the shortest amount of time possible is the very best you can hope for. So, when something like the Pocket Hole Quick Change Adapter Set comes along and shaves a few seconds off of the process, it’s worth taking note.

For most hobbyists (and a good many professionals) pocket hole joinery and the famous Kreg Jig are synonymous. There’s really nothing else on the market that rivals the Kreg system's affordability and efficiency. And the Quick Change Adapter Set makes the process even easier. The set includes the Insty bit Professional Quick Change Chuck, which offers true one-handed change-out of all 1/4’’ shank quick change accessories, and is just a good thing to have on hand in general. To go along with it, you get a 3/8’’ shaft adapter matched to the Kreg drill bit and a 6’’ square drive – everything you need to complete the pocket screw drilling and driving process without ever touching the chuck on your drill. Multiply the time the quick change system saves you by a couple of hundred bit changes and the modest investment starts to make a lot of sense.

Of course, speed isn’t the only advantage pocket hole joinery has to offer. There are many operations where it is simply the best way to go – building curved forms out of multiple beveled staves, for example. You’ll find several more applications for this versatile wood joining method in Rockler’s article “Pocket Hole Joinery with the Kreg Jig”.  And if you’re looking for anything having to do with the Kreg Jig, Kreg Jig Accessories and Pocket Screws, you won't find a better selection than right here at Rockler.

posted on April 20, 2007 by Rockler
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