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The Rockler Sandpaper Disc Station
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There aren't many woodworkers who actually like to sand, and anything that makes the job a little easier receives a warm welcome in most shops.  With that said, we're happy to introduce the Rockler Sandpaper Disc Station. The Sandpaper Disc Station is a great way to keep your sanding discs organized and in easy reach, but that's not what you'll love most about it. It's highest qualification is that it makes putting a new sanding disc on a random orbit sander so that it's both centered on the pad and in alignment with the dust collection holes the quick job that it should be, instead of a time consuming shot-in-the-dark that most of us never get right on the first try.

How's it work? It's not too complicated: The removable alignment pins that keep the stack of discs in place on the Sandpaper Disc Station's holder trays fit into the dust collection holes in the bottom of the sander.  An alignment notch on the front of each tray tells you when you have the sander's dust collection holes lined up with the pins.  You just slide the holder that has the discs with the grit you need to the top of the Sanding station, press the sander down onto the new disc and, voila! Your sharp clean new disc is attached, aligned, centered, and ready to sand.

posted on November 7, 2006 by Rockler
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