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Use the Sure-Hook Tool-Less Cabinet Door Hanger for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Easily and More
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Cabinet doors present a particular challenge for the wood finisher: Every surface of the door needs finishing, and you can’t finish an edge that’s resting on something.  Hanging the doors while you spray on the finish is the obvious solution. It’s the only course of action that lets you finish all of the surfaces of the door at the same time; hanging doors also saves space and eliminates “bounce-back” of atomized finish from adjacent surfaces as a potential problem.

But if hanging cabinet doors during finishing is such an obvious choice, why haven’t more gadgets been developed to make the process quick and reliable? Frankly, we don’t know. And so, it is with particular pleasure that we introduce an affordable piece of equipment that could revolutionize your cabinet door finishing procedure: The Rockler Sure-Hook Tool-Less Cabinet Door Hanger.

The Sure-Hook Cabinet Door Hanger takes advantage of the ever –increasing popularity of European hinges, and the fact that the hinge cup hole is the only place on a cabinet door that you don’t want finish. Its mechanism couldn’t be more efficient or simple to use: You stick the Sure-Hook’s cam-action locking plug into any standard 35mm hinge cup bore; positioning the hanger body parallel with the surface of the door locks the plug securely in place (the locking mechanism is adjustable, in case you run into slight variances in bore diameter).

Once the plug’s locked in place, you can hang the Sure Hook from just about anything – 3/4’’ pipe works best – and you’re ready to spray finish on every square inch of the door’s surface. When you’re done, the Sure Hook lets you move the wet door to a drying area without worrying about messing up your work. And the Sure-Hook Cabinet Door Hanger is priced to make letting one door dry while you get on to the next practical. At around $4 each, you can outfit yourself to spray a kitchen’s worth of cabinet doors for not too much more than you’d spend on the finish.


Note: The new and improved Sure-Hook 360° swivel hook is now available. Improving on the original design of the Sure-Hook, the new Sure-Hook provides 360° swivel action allowing you to finish all surfaces.

posted on January 19, 2007 by Rockler
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2 thoughts on “Use the Sure-Hook Tool-Less Cabinet Door Hanger for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Easily and More”

  • Phil Barnes-Roberts

    A slick solution.<br /><br />If you are using old-fashioned screw-on hinges, though, (as in our 1910 Craftsman house) there is a free solution that's almost as clever.<br /><br />Place your hinges on the door, and either drill the screw pilot holes, or drill one hole somewhere so it will be hidden under the hinge body.<br /><br />Put one screw (of appropriate size) in the hole, and bend a hook of coathanger wire to hang it up for finishing.

  • titan

    i really like my hooks, i did 26 doors in 15 min, now if i could find some sanders?

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