The Sure Hook Universal Mount - Building on a Great Idea
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sure hook universal mountIn the world of tools, what makes for an instant success? One sure course to tool stardom is meeting an old challenge with a truly innovative and successful solution. You've seen it happen: once in a while, some new gadget hits the market and people everywhere grab it up, wondering why someone didn't come up with such a thing long before. At the risk of seeming immodest, that's exactly what happened to the Rockler Sure Hook cabinet door hanger.

The Sure Hook was originally designed to answer a common spray finishing challenge: how to finish every surface of a cabinet door without awkward, rigged-up hanging "systems" or recourse to the time consuming "spray, wait, flip and spray" method. The (now "classic") Sure-Hook 360 takes advantage of the ever-increasing popularity of European hinges, and the fact that the hinge cup hole is the only place on a cabinet door that you don't want finish. Its tool-free cam-action mechanism locks into a typical 35mm European hinge bore, leaving the finisher free to hang the door up and spray every inch of its surface without ever once touching it.

If there's a drawback to the original Sure Hook at all, it's that it only works with cabinet door that take Euro style hinges. What about all the other excellent applications for this convenient "hang, spray and walk away" approach? Well, now you can apply the same touch-free finishing and drying technique to just about anything that will take a wood screw.

The new (as in this week) Sure Hook Universal Mount is identical in design to the original, except that in place of the locking plug, it has swiveling bushing that attaches to wood parts with a single screw. This "screw column" has a nice wide stance to help ensure that it will stay perpendicular to the wood surface. It measures exactly 1" long to make choosing the right length screw as easy as possible.

sure hook 360 tool free cabinet door hangerThe 1" length also holds the workpiece a little ways away from the Sure Hook arm so you can get in behind it with spray. The column is recessed where the attaching screw seats, which helps keep the screw and column in alignment. As an incidental benefit, the recess makes it easy to keep the top part of the assembly and the screw head from getting mucked up with spray: just cover that part up with a small piece of tape before you start.

We expect the Sure Hook Universal Mount to start racking up glowing customer comments any time, just like its predecessor has. And why not? It offers the same great finishing and drying benefits as the original, and expands them to everything from drawer fronts and boxes to panels and non-Euro hinge doors. But, since the Sure Hook Universal is just too new to have it own legacy of praise, we'll leave you with a few highlights from the Sure Hook 360's customer reviews:

"Leave it to Rockler to come up with something as ingenious as this, way to go Rockler, great product and actually a good price also."

Rick Taylor, from Dumas, TX

"It does exactly what I need it for. Allows freedom of movement and more exact spraying and coverage. Excellent product."

Keith Cross, from Jasper, IN

"I ordered 40 of these hooks for my shop and I must say that they are worth every penny! They are easy to use and make spraying doors much easier than finishing the old way."

Rick McBride, from Greenbrier, TN

"... To whoever figured out how to make these things affordably...thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Bill Nunez, from Norman, OK

posted on March 6, 2009 by Kim Adams
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