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Top 10 Woodworking Workshop Tips for Shop Safety and Convenience
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Paddle-type stop button for power tools From safety to convenience, all woodworkers deal with tiny annoyances in the the shop, but Sandor Nagyszalanczy has some tips for preventing frustration.

We all have our pet peeves: TV remotes with buttons so small you need mouse-sized fingers to press them; socks that never seem to match up in pairs; raisins in the bran cereal that all sink to the bottom of the box. Unfortunately, life’s little annoyances aren’t limited to the household. They’re just as numerous in the workshop. Obviously, it’s frustrating when you cut parts wrong or if a router or planer tears out grain on a board you have no replacement for. But it’s the little things that can drive you crazy: Never finding a pencil when you need it. Curled up sandpaper discs that won’t stay on your random-orbit sander. And what woodworker hasn’t had their blood pressure raised when tools or parts seem to suddenly disappear, as if by some evil magic? (I swear it was right here just a second ago!)

Why do we put up with these little aggravations? Perhaps because they’re minor enough that we don’t spend the time to deal with them. But there are clever ways to make your shop experience more pleasant and less stressful by tackling these little annoyances one at a time. In the following articles, I’ve listed my own top 10 workshop annoyances and the solutions employed to tame them in my shop. As the list of woodworking peeves is likely endless, this is only a start.

Wrench and Screwdriver Tool Storage
Organizing with Plastic Tool Storage Containers
You Can't Find a Sharp Pencil
You Make Inaccurate Cuts Due to Poor Measurement Conversions
Keeping Sandpaper and Sanding Discs Dry
Your Drill Holes Are Too Big or Too Small
You Can't Easily Find the On/Off Switch on Your Machine
Wearing a Mask Fogs Up Your Glasses
You Accidentally Vacuum Up Pieces That Could Damage the Hose
You Can't Tell If Your Finish Is Too Old to Use

posted on February 1, 2010 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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