Top 10 Workshop Annoyances: Your Drill Holes Are Too Big or Too Small
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The holes you drill are often just a tad too big or too small for dowels and fasteners.

#1-80 and A-Z indexed drill bits #1-80 and A-Z drill bits will help you keep your bits organized and give you several options for bit sizes between the standard measurements.

Buy an indexed set of #1-#80 numbered or A-Z lettered drill bits. A common part of a machinist’s tool chest, these twist bit sets include many bits that fall between standard fractional sizes. For example, say you want to drill a hole for a hinge pin on a jewelry box. A standard 1/8" bit makes a hole that’s too tight for the pin, but a 9/64" hole’s just too loose. Both the #29 and #30 size bits in a numbered bit set fall between 1/8" and 9/64", allowing you to drill a hole that’s just right for your hinge pin.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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