Top 10 Workshop Annoyances: Keeping Sandpaper and Sanding Discs Dry
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Your sandpaper sheets and discs keep curling up, and sanding belts don’t track evenly.

Storing sandpaper in a plastic storage tub A sealed plastic storage container can protect your sandpaper and abrasive wheels from curling and warping in a humid shop.

To prevent moisture from adversely affecting your sandpaper products, store them in a sealable plastic container. Storage boxes and tubs come in a staggering array of styles and sizes; check the housewares section of your local department store. Keeping all your abrasive products in one of these sealed containers helps keep sandpaper sheets and discs flat and easier to mount and use. Also, fabric backed drums stay rounder and sanding belts kept dry will track more evenly. If you live in a really wet climate, choose a container with a tight-fitting lid. To prevent high temperatures from affecting the lubricating coatings found on some sandpapers, store your container in a cool place during the summer.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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