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Top 10 Workshop Annoyances: Wearing a Mask Fogs Up Your Glasses
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You want to protect your lungs from fine wood dust in the shop, but wearing a mask fogs up your glasses.

Exhalation valve on a filter mask A mask with an exhalation valve will help keep you protected from dust, debris and fumes while keeping your glasses and goggles free from fog.

Choose filter masks that feature an exhalation valve. These masks allow the warm, moist exhalation from your breath to escape instead of creeping under the upper edge of the mask and fogging your safety and/or prescription glasses. Disposable masks with exhalation valves are affordable and comfortable to wear. To get the best lung protection, as well as prevent fogging, press the disposable mask’s nosepiece down so that it conforms closely to the contour of your nose and cheekbone. Alternately, choose a rubber half-mask respirator that uses replaceable filter elements. For the best fit with a half mask, choose the size (small, medium, large) that fits your face best.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Matt Hocking
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