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Top 10 Workshop Annoyances: Wrench and Screwdriver Tool Storage
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Every time you need to tighten a chuck or change a blade, you waste time trying to find the right wrench.

Magnet on tool to store wrenches, bits and chuck keys To keep your wrenches, bits and chuck keys handy in the shop, take a magnet and stick it to the outside of a metal tool, then your accessory will always be at hand.

Get a dedicated wrench/screwdriver for common adjustments and keep it at the tool at all times. For steel and iron tools, stick a small rare-earth magnet to the machine’s base or the side of the drill press head, then simply “stick” the wrench, chuck key or other tool to it when it’s not in use. For non-ferrous-metal machines or tools, you can use PSA-backed hook-and-loop fastener dots to attach the tool directly to the machine. Just make sure to position the magnet/fastener so that if the tool accidentally falls off, it won’t interfere with operating the machine.

posted on February 1, 2010 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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