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Top 12 Most Wished For Rockler Woodworking Products
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Over the weekend, we asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook what would be their most-wanted Rockler item this holiday season, and we'd like to share with you, their families and friends (hint, hint!) what they came up with!

First off: the top two wished-for items for those who were dreamin' really big were the Powermatic 16" Jointer (kind of the mother of all jointers, with all the bells and whistles), and an unspecified planer. I picked a middle-of-the-line Powermatic Planer as an example, (although this, too, has plenty of bells and whistles).

On (perhaps) a more realistic gift-giving level, the top two most-mentioned items overall were these:

CNC Shark Pro

CNC Shark Pro Routing System
As the bigger brother to the original CNC Shark™, the diversely capable CNC Shark Pro™ offers twice the workable area and increased strength, making it perfect for a wide variety of larger machining, routing, and engraving projects in wood, metal, or plastic.

Bench Cookies

Rockler Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers
With high-friction rubber surfaces and a durable core, award-winning Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers are the most exciting, versatile accessory to hit wood shops in years. They keep projects from slipping while routing, sanding, carving and more.
The remainder of the Top 12 Most Wished-For Items, in no particular order, are:

There you have it, the most-wished-for Rockler woodworking items as compiled from our Twitter and Facebook Fans! If you're buying for a woodworker this year, you might want to consider this list of popular items. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up on all the latest. We have lots of fun with our fans and followers!

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posted on December 8, 2009 by Kim Adams
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12 thoughts on “Top 12 Most Wished For Rockler Woodworking Products”

  • bill butler

    On your Project Gallery page you would normally find cabinets spelled "cabinets" not "cabniets"


  • RocklerBlogTeam

    Thanks for the feedback, Bill! Duly noted and corrected!

  • David M. Armstrong

    Thank you for having this gallery! A very generous thing to do for those of us always looking for a community to share our ideas with [and maybe to brag a little ;)]

  • all34green

    Love the project gallery. There is a children's cradle - red oak pictured on the gallery and I would love to get plans for this cradle to build for my grandchildren. Does anyone know how to
    find out the builder and contact him for plan information? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  • Carroll Guidry

    I just purchased the Sonicrafter 37 peice kit. I just wanted to tell you folks that is a GREAT tool. I am remoldeling my dsughters home and it is amasing how many things it does so well. The nly problem I have had is the switch is hard to turn off. Again it is a job saver. I will be buying more accessories for it.

  • Ed Vasek

    Would like to see you to stock & sell drum sanders like the one
    Grizzly has it is a 12" model & is more renoable than most

  • Kim Adams

    Ed-- While we don't carry the Grizzly, we do have quite a big selection of drum sanders.
    One of these JET sanders might be closest to what you're looking for:
    Check them out!
    Thanks for commenting--

  • Tom

    A friend's son was faced with building the kit without Dad's help, Dad being out of town all week. He went ahead and built the car, decorated it with colored markers, and brought it to the competition. Three wheels touched the ground at a time, and it was a strange looking creation, but it turned out to be the fastest one of all. His dad was quite proud of him.

  • Kim Adams

    Isn't that the greatest? You know, they're supposed to do it pretty much by themselves, and I'll bet less than 5% of them actually do....

  • Kim Adams

    I STAND CORRECTED! My daughter just read this post and reminded me that not only did she win "Most Dazzling," but she also came in third. The Golden Glimmer won two trophies!

  • Tim

    I was wondering why the cnc shark machine doesn't have a 4th axis attachment like they said they were going to have by December 2012. Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks....Tim

  • Marvin Harrison

    Have examined the mounting plate for mounting 3 or 4 jaw chuck & can't find the ID for mounting plate or OD shaft . Machine is great but manual or me needs help .I think this the same question " Tim " asked on August 25 , 2014 .

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