Top Trim Routing Techniques: Profiling Edges
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Trimming edge profiles Laminate trimmers are perfect for edge profiling, provided you make several careful passes to reach your cutting depth.

A laminate trimmer is a router, after all — just a small one. And, with horsepower ratings on some of these machines achieving one or even 1-1⁄4hp peak, that’s plenty of power for routing edge profiles. I regularly grab mine for cutting tiny chamfers or roundovers to knock off sharp edges. In fact, I keep a 1/8" roundover bit in a spare trim router all the time so it’s ready when the need arises.

But you don’t have to stop here. Larger ogees, coves, beading and other edge shaping is certainly possible, too. Just follow good routing practices and use a sharp, clean carbide bit to remove the waste: start shallow on the first cut, and make a series of deeper passes after that, removing more wood each time. Make the last pass just a whisper deeper to clean away any last burn marks that may still be present.

posted on December 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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