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Top Trim Routing Techniques: Trimming Shelf Lipping
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Trim routing Rather than trying to sand veneer and risk damage, a trim router can cut the solid wood lipping flush.

One of my favorite uses for a laminate trimmer is shaving solid-wood lipping flush on plywood shelving. The Festool MFK router shown here has an optional base that lets you flush-trim using a straight bit with the router resting on the shelf face for maximum stability. You can do the same thing with an ordinary laminate trimmer and a piloted flush-trim bit if you stand the router on the shelf edge. A trim router’s compact size makes it a safe choice for this balancing act. Just set the bit a tad deeper than the edging thickness and zip the overhang away. Quarter- or 1/2"-thick edging is a breeze, but I’ve even used mine to flush-trim thicker 3/4" lipping or to bring face frame edges flush with cabinet carcasses. Bits with a sheer cutting angle leave a cleaner cut, especially on hardwood.

posted on December 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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