Top Ten New Year's Woodworking Resolutions from Our Readers
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In Ralph's post last week on his woodworking resolutions for the New Year, we invited you, our readers, to tell us your own goals for the coming year. There were many great responses, and we've chosen our "top ten" to share with you (in no particular order). Some of the resolutions are uber-ambitious; some are quite simple. They're all interesting, and might give you some ideas for your own woodworking goals in 2010. You can read all of the comments here).

This list is the ten most common themes from our readers' woodworking resolutions.

Clean/Organize/Reorganize the Shop

  • I resolve to organize my shop fully, and to keep my shop cleaner between projects. –Sean
  • I resolve to finally draw-up and finish organizing my shop. –John
  • I resolve to put things (tools, fasteners, materials) away between projects so that I can spend more time doing projects and less time looking for things. –Greg
  • My main woodworking resolution this year is to rearrange the shop to be more efficient. -Rick


  • I resolve to learn Google SketchUp, which may take me all year long! :) –Jeff
  • I resolve to learn to hand-cut dovetails. -Ben
  • As a newcomer to the woodworking hobby in 2009 - I resolve to LEARN in 2010. LEARN how to organize and keep a clean workshop. LEARN how to sharpen turning tools to improve my efficiency and final results. LEARN how to make something new (not sure what yet). LEARN proper finishing techniques, and LEARN the fastest route to the nearest Rockler store (I seem to always miss my turn...) -Jeff H.
  • I resolve to learn to make, by hand, at least one new kind of joint this year. –Tom
  • I resolve to learn new joinery techniques. –Mackenzie M.


  • My daughter has taken an interest in lathe work (pen turning). I resolve to help her follow that interest. -Craig
  • I resolve to learn to hand-cut dovetails -Ben
  • I resolve to teach at least one new woodworking skill to each of my grandchildren. I resolve to pass on a skill that I have learned to another woodworker. -Tom
  • I resolve: Continue to mentor 2 young men in woodworking. -CAH

Help others

  • I resolve to organize my shop so that my wife's car will fit in the garage. –Tom
  • I resolve to pleasantly help when needed with hubby's woodworking projects. –Happy D.
  • I resolve to make my workshop even more accessible to family and friends that enjoy woodworking but have neither the space nor the money for their own shop. –Michael M.

Figure out what to do with all that wood!

  • I resolve to use all the existing scrap and extra wood I have on interesting projects before I buy more new wood. –Todd
  • I resolve to not save small "important" scraps of wood. –Edmund
  • I resolve to finally organize all my wood into a more alphabetical order. -Sean
  • I resolve to build the small lumber cutoff storage rack to get the piles up off the floor, and then to come up with projects for them to deplete the cubbies before they fill up. -Gary F.
  • I Resolve: Build the 14x20 storage addition to the rear of may shop. Move all the excess lumber to said addition. -CAH

Complete a specific project

  • I resolve to finish at least one piece of nice furniture this year.... In fact, I'd like to get one done in Q1 of this year. *draws his line in the sand* –Ry
  • I am going to build my dogs a dog house.... –Paul
  • I resolve to build my granddaughter a playhouse. –Troy T.
  • I resolve to rebuild all of the cabinetry in my vintage Airstream this year. –Steve C.

Finish up those lingering projects

  • I resolve to actually redo our Kitchen like I have said I would for the last 10 years! -Craig J.
  • I resolve to finally start (and finish) the picture frame for my mom that I decided to start three years ago. –Mackenzie M.
  • I resolve to clean up all the little lingering projects so I can move on to bigger and better things. –Mike W.

Be safe

  • I resolve to run proper electric to my shop, instead of a heavy-duty extension cord. -Keith
  • I resolve to finally hook up the dust collector I bought two years ago. –Mackenzie M.
  • I resolve to finally hook up all my tools to my dust collector. –Troy T.
  • I resolve to empty the container on my cyclone dust collector before it fills the cone and the filter. -Edmund

Manage your woodworking time

  • I resolve to not spend awful amounts of time making my shop pretty and instead make pretty things in my shop. –Edmund
  • I resolve to get more active in my woodworking. –Greg
  • I will set more time aside to finish my projects. -Brian
  • I resolve to NOT have four or five projects going on at one time. -Michael M.

Major change/something to be proud of

  • I resolve [to come up with] a new tool to win best new product in 2010 for the third time. -David M., Magswitch
  • I resolve to turn this hobby into a full time job. –Michael W.
  • I resolve to start an Etsy store as I've kept planning to do. -Gary F.
  • I resolve to become a member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen! -Lance
  • I resolve to build something to be proud of. -Keith

We chose three random winners from the people who shared their resolutions with us. Troy T., Mackenzie M., and Brian M. each won a prize from Rockler. We really appreciate our readers! How about one more resolution? Subscribe to Buzz Saw, The Rockler Blog if you haven't already! Happy 2010!

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