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Top Trim Routing Techniques: Hole Drilling
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Drilling with trim router Just like with your standard plunge router, you can bore shelf pin holes with your trim router and a template.

The concept of using a plunge router for boring shelf-pin holes isn’t revolutionary. But, thanks to plunge models such as Trend’s T4, DeWALT and Porter-Cable, hole drilling is fair game for trim routers too. Make a shelf-pin template with holes sized to fit a guide collar bushing, and install 1/4" upcut spiral bit in the machine. A router works as well as a drill here, and perhaps even better.

Maybe I’m just one of those guys who roots for the underdog, but I think it’s time for our trim routers to get more credit. Try these techniques with your trim router and see if you agree.

posted on December 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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