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Tormek AWT-250 Advanced Water Trough and Ezylock for T-7 Blade Sharpeners
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Tormek AWT-250 Advanced Water Trough for T-7 Sharpeners An attachment to Tormek's older T-7 sharpeners (and already equipped on new ones) the AWT-250 trough adds a water shoot and magnet for cleaning blades before, during, and after sharpening.

Adding upgrades to the T-7 sharpening system is what the Tormek company has been up to lately. In response to requests from customers, they’ve created a new EzyLock system that uses a self-tightening stainless steel knob to secure the grindstone — no tools and no pressure are needed, and the system also makes it easy to change grindstones from the standard aluminum oxide to new specialty stones: Blackstone Silicon and 4000 Grit Japanese Waterstone. They’ve also upgraded to an Advanced Water Trough AWT-250: the standard lip has been enlarged and an attachable water chute provided for sharpening long tools (like planer blades). Both of these changes were made to reduce the amount of water splashing around the shop. A pair of Tilt Shoes for the T-7’s feet put the frame on a slight angle so that water that lands on the frame runs back into the water trough. Also incorporated into the new water trough is a magnet to attract the steel cut from tools and keep the stone cleaner and more free-cutting.

Already part of new T-7s, the Advanced Water Trough with tilt shoes and EzyLock shaft system MSK-250 are also available as upgrades to current Tormek T-7 and 2000 owners: the AWT-250 Advanced Water Trough upgrade is priced as of 2010 at $22.99 and the MSK-250 EzyLock Upgrade Kit at $57.99.

posted on April 1, 2010 by Woodworker's Journal
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