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Tormek Tools T-7 Grinder Offers Good Value and Straightedge Jig
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Tormek T-7 Grinder sharpener Tormek's grinder runs powerful and smooth, with the best straight edge sharpening jig of the sharpeners tested.

The Tormek’s T-7 is clearly the best in its category. It’s compact. The fit and finish are good. It runs quietly and steadily, even under as much pressure as I could apply to the tool. Its jigs are tops — well-designed, properly made, easy to use and accurate. The basic package includes all the essentials: grader, truing tool, straightedge jig, angle setup jig, honing compound in a tube, a thorough manual and a DVD.

Angle grinding jig for Tormek grinder Both Tormek and JET provide jigs for grinding bevel angles, allowing you to adjust for the stone's diameter while getting a continuous angle.

I unpacked it, mounted the grindstone and the support rod and filled the trough with water. I clamped a chisel in the tool holder, adjusted the machine for a 25° bevel and set to work. The bevel was perfect.

Tormek grinder straight edge sharpening jig Tormek's straightedge jig is the best made of the bunch, with a precision build and support arm mounting stops, while other jigs include plastic bushings or lesser construction.

The Tormek was just right, straight out of the box. But its price ($499.99 in 2008) is the obstacle. Is it worth $200 more than the JET or $330 more than the Grizzly? Having tried them side by side, I cannot say it is.

posted on August 1, 2008 by Bill Hylton
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