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Triton TC450SPS Spindle Sander Offers a Small Worktable and Low Power Sanding
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Triton TC450SPS Spindle Sander Table size and construction / tilt: 14-1⁄2" x 11-3⁄4" cast-iron / non-tilting
Motor type / amperage: Universal / 3.5 amps
Stroke length / strokes per minute (spm): 5/8" / 58 spm
Sanding drum length: 4-1⁄2" long
Sleeve diameters: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1⁄2", 2", 3"
Weight: 32 lbs
2010 Price: $149

The least expensive OSS in the group, the Triton is physically the smallest and most compact sander I’ve seen. This makes the unit very easy to lift and carry, but it’s important to clamp or bolt the base down before use.

Triton spindle sander worktable The Triton's worktable is small and oddly shaped, but the offset spindle location allows you to work large pieces with surprising efficiency.

One of the first things I noticed about the TC450SPS is its unusual table that’s shaped a bit like a canned ham. The spindle is offset in the tabletop, close to the front at one end, which puts smaller workpieces within easy reach. The wider end of the table is farther from the spindle, and hence better supports larger/longer stock. This ingenious arrangement keeps the table small while still offering good functionality. All that said, I still liked the larger tables on other sanders better, as they offered better overall support.

The Triton’s the only OSS in this group that uses a universal motor — the kind used in portable power tools (a handheld router, for example). The motor’s high-RPM whir and belt-driven spindle assembly made it seem much louder than the other OSS models in the group; loud enough that it made me don earmuffs. Although the Triton’s motor amperage is rated the same as the Delta’s, it definitely didn’t sand with as much power. Couple that with its short 5/8" spindle stroke — the smallest stroke of any sander in this group — and the Triton had the overall weakest sanding action. It’s certainly adequate for lighter sanding jobs, and its low price and compact size might make it a good choice for wood hobbyists and DIYers with limited budgets and workspaces.

posted on June 1, 2010 by Sandor Nagyszalanczy
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