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Troops Enjoy Their Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers
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Staff Sergeant Frank Hendrickson, a Marine currently based in Afghanistan, has come up with some new uses for Rockler's Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers - in the metal shop and in the composite shop!

SSgt. Hendrickson wrote us saying, "I think that your [Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers], although made for woodworking, would work on our composites that we work on. It would definitely take away the need for a second pair of hands to hold the piece of gear while the other grinds away at it."


We shipped some Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers to SSgt. Hendrickson's unit, and he sent us back some pictures of the Marines in his division using them in the shop... and snacking on them too! (Oh, those goofy guys....)

Like many other people we've heard from, SSgt. Hendrickson and the Marines in his division found new ways to use Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers - they're definitely not just for woodworking! As someone here in the office said (with tongue in cheek!), "Is there anything the cookies can't do? Now they're helping to fight the war on terror!" Well, we're proud to support our Troops!

posted on January 23, 2010 by Kim Adams
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