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Tune Up You Table Saw, Planer and Router Table with a Combination Square
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Using a combo square to check the table saw Measure out your table saw's flatness and blade alignment with a combination square.

Improve your productivity (and shop-time satisfaction) by keeping your woodworking machines properly aligned. A precision combination square is essential for periodic alignment checks and machinery tune-ups.

You can check your table saw’s table and blade alignment with a combination square. It’s a two-step process.

Checking flatness of a router table top The combination square will allow you to check the level and flatness of your router table's top.

Check the flatness of your router tabletop with a long bladed combo square and a slip feeler gauge. This tabletop is dead flat.

Checking planer knives with a combo square A combination square will also help you test the alignment of your planer's blades, infeed and outfeed tables.

Verify the set of your jointer knives and the infeed and outfeed table alignment. Often overlooked, this task improves results.

posted on October 1, 2008 by Matt Hocking
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