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Turning Screwdrivers in the Zone
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The gang over at the Woodworker's Zone runs online classes in their WoodWiki section that are really interesting and fun to follow along with. The current class happens to be on making a screwdriver, using the 4-in-1 Screwdriver Kit from Rockler!

Instructors Jim and Steve (or router-jim and stwoodie as they're known on the Woodworker's Zone site) do a really good job of going into great detail on the how-to of turning the handle, and yet still allowing for plenty of creativity on the students' part.

Students are encouraged to set up their own progress logs in the forum, and then post their finished work in the gallery. It's really interesting to read through these logs to see the incredible array of designs, and how each one was made. Here are just two of the many finished examples to be seen there:

And did the instructors turn a few themselves? Jim laughs that he might have gone a bit overboard (see his fabulous set of screwdriver samples below!) but he wants everyone to know that they make excellent Christmas presents! Jim says, ''The kit is a lot of fun because it allows infinite design possibilities.'' (Which he has clearly shown!)

Steve has also posted numerous iterations of the handle, but he saved his pièce de résistance for last, and we got to see it first! (See first image, upper right). And yes, that is the front and back of ONE piece. I'm still trying to figure out the gluing-up on that one! We obviously couldn't post all the gallery pictures here, so be sure to head on over to the Screwdriver Gallery at the Woodworker's Zone to check out the results from this fun online turning class! Note: Our fabulous 4-in-1 Kit was designed by renowned turner Alan Lacer, who also designed our awesome ice cream scoops! The Screwdriver Kit is on sale right now, so pick up one (or several) and try out the online class at Woodworker's Zone for yourself! With Rockler's Alan Lacer Hardware, the detailed instructions from the class, all the support and camaraderie from the forums at the Zone, you'll truly be able to Create with Confidence!

posted on November 6, 2009 by Kim Adams
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2 thoughts on “Turning Screwdrivers in the Zone”

  • stwoodie

    Thanks so much for writing this in your blog Kim.
    Great writeup!!

  • atauer

    What an amazing article and an amazing class! The participants did a wonderful job and showed endless design possibilities for the screwdriver kit. Thank you for the write-up on the class, Kim! The 'Zone appreciates it greatly.

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