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Upgrade Your Workbench with Melamine Coverings, Halogen Lights and Peg Board Storage
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Here are three upgrades to consider when you're building or buying a table for your workshop.

Glue-Proof Melamine Overlay Top
Melamine shop work table overlay Melamine offers a nice, protective surface for your shop's table that makes clean-up easy and preserves your plywood tabletop.

A piece of melamine as an overlay top makes a great assembly table. Glue won’t stick to the melamine surface.This will help keep your plywood tops clean so they work smoothly as outfeed support for the table saw. Melamine costs about $28 per sheet at a home center. One sheet will make three tops.

Clamping Light
Worklight clamped to shop table You can never have enough light in your shop, and a clamp-on lighting rig on your work table will give you a sturdy but mobile option.

The Kreg Bench Clamp Kit is a great addition to these tables. Use it to secure material for routing or sanding and, of course, when assembling parts, like face frames, with pocket screws.

I found a clip-on halogen light at a home center for $14. It stows away in the drawer when I’m not using it, and provides excellent task lighting when I need it.

And if You Have a Few Little Hang-Ups
Pegboard tool rack storage A small bit of pegboard will give you a nice storage space on the side of your table to hang your spare blades and tools.

Pegboard is inexpensive — about $15 for a 4 x 8 sheet. And there’s no shortage of hooks, holders and bins you can use with pegboard. If you install pegboard on both short sides of the table, you’ll only use 1/3 of a sheet per table.

posted on October 1, 2008 by George Vondriska
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