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Viewing the Wood Grain, Texture and Figure in Hard and Softwood Lumber
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Rings of tree marked out in lumber Here you can see the rings of the tree from the end of the tree through the board.

This is the same board photographed from one side, then the other. In each case, you can trace the lines of the rings from the end to the surface.

Cathedral figure in lumber grain The arched pattern in the end of this section of the board is called the cathedral figure.

The board was milled from the outer edge of the tree. The arched grain on the surface is called cathedral figure.

Silver grain pattern in lumber This lumber, cut from the center of the tree is featured with what is called silver grain.

This piece of oak is from the center of the tree. The rays are easily seen as they break the surface. The effect is called silver grain.

Sapwood in softwood lumber This board demonstrates the distinct look of sapwood within the softwood board.

The growth rings in this piece of softwood show the center of the tree going out to sapwood. Clearly visible is how the end grain gives way to long grain.

posted on October 1, 2008 by Ian Kirby
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