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Virginia Woodworker's Simple Cabinet Home Project Turns into Wall Storage and Workbench
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Workshop storage before cabinets Dave Wolfe wasn't happy with his workshop's storage situation, so he was determined to build a wall cabinet to store some of his supplies.

Woodworker’s Journal reader Dave Wolfe of Yorktown, Virginia, picked up the Fall ’08 Weekend Woodworking publication on the newsstand, and found inspiration in the “Easy-to-Build Storage Cabinets” article.

He meant to build one. That effort, however, “ended up becoming an all-winter project that eventually covered an entire wall with cabinets and a new workbench, and eliminated years of clutter.”

Dave also upgraded his tool collection: “Until I started this project, my entire power tool inventory consisted of a drill, sabre saw and a circular saw. In the process, I’ve upgraded significantly, adding a table saw, routers and bits, air nailers with compressor, and, of course, lots of accessories.”

Workshop after easy storage cabinet construction After working all winter, Wolfe wound up with a whole shop wall full of storage space and a fully functional workbench.

The workbench Dave built is composed of a piece of 3/4" pressure-treated plywood that serves as the base for the oak work surface. He said the oak was leftover oak tongue-and-groove flooring from his father’s house that he helped install as a kid. “It’s been stacked in his attic all these years, so it gave me a real sense of satisfaction to tie it into my project.”

In fact, Dave says his project is “100 percent functional and eliminated years of clutter and finally gave me a place to work again. I REALLY enjoyed the project.”

posted on December 1, 2009 by Woodworker's Journal
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