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We almost lost one last week....
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There are a lot of really cool woodworking blogs out there. Some are inspiring, some are instructive, some funny, and some great combinations of the three. As you know, Buzz Saw has started a blogroll to highlight some of these woodworking bloggers, and maybe get them in front of a larger audience.

Most of the people who do these woodworking blogs are not making a living off them ? they're doing it for the love of the craft and the pleasure derived (without trying to be sappy here...) from helping other people. Most of these bloggers have fulltime "day jobs," families, and other responsibilities, but find a way to squeeze in their blogs (or podcasts, or webisodes) anyway. [

Every once in a while, anyone who puts themselves out there in front of the public in a blog or a podcast ends up having to deal with an ugly "troll" or two – people who get their kicks out of making critical, nasty, or hateful comments from behind the screen of anonymity that the Internet provides. Healthy, respectfully delivered criticism is one thing, but trolls aren't interested in improving anything - they delight in spreading negativity. Last week, several of our friends on Twitter were tweeting about one such woodworking blogger who was dealing with not one or two such trolls, but what seemed to be a small army of them – making comments on his blog posts that were way beyond the simply negative, they were obscene attacks on the blogger himself. For Rob Giovannetti at The Tattooed Woodworker blog, it got to the point where he had had it, and he let the world know it by pulling all his content and putting up a farewell post. Fortunately for everyone, there is a very strong community of woodworkers out there who support each other and have each other's backs. People like Kari Hultman at The Village Carpenter and some other great tweeps on Twitter put the word out about what was happening, and woodworkers thronged over to The Tattooed Woodworker blog to give their support. Rob had over 80 comments in one day telling him to ignore the haters and to keep on doing what he was doing - providing helpful content to woodworkers. It was enough to convince him to give it another go, and he expressed his gratitude for the incredible support that was extended – mostly from people he didn't even know. Commenter Barry Chatwin (@Oh2dovetail on Twitter), said this:

I am very proud of what I have observed in our community today. I returned from a tough day at my corporate job to see the groundswell of support for you. I actually think that I got to really observe a community in action today, supporting one another -- and people wanted to support you, myself included.

Adam King ( @AdamKingStudio on Twitter) called it: "The tremendous power of community and care," and it helped to bring this woodworking blog back from the brink. Isn't it great to know there's such a fabulous community of people out there? Gives you the comforting sense that most people really are good, after all. (Note: The Tattooed Woodworker joins our blogroll today. Rob has reposted the majority of his content, so please check him out if you haven't already.) Some of the other blogs posting about The Tattooed Woodworker's groundswell of support last week:
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posted on August 3, 2009 by Kim Adams
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2 thoughts on “We almost lost one last week....”

  • Dena Rushing

    It's really uplifting to hear such a story. Just like on the nightly news, "good news" is often few and far between. Thanks for making my Monday brighter.

  • Michael Bady

    Unfortunately, all did not work out for the TW, and the blog content has been taken down for good. What a pity. Perhaps time will heal the wounds and the Tattooed Woodworker will return.

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