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Wixey Digital Angle Gauge Measures out Woodworking Miters without Protractor
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Wixie Angle Gauge Attaching the magnets on the Wixie Angle Gauge to your tool blade allows you to measure and cut out perfect angles on your moldings and other angle cuts.

If you’ve ever cut tall crown or wide miters, you know that being off even a partial degree can make all the difference between a snug fit or a bad gap. You need a good tilt scale or a reliable protractor to nail that exact fit. Wixey’s nifty little Digital Angle Gauge ($40 in 2011) can satisfy the first need nicely with no learning curve. It amounts to a 2" x 2" cube with three built-in magnets on one edge, and it couldn’t be simpler to use. Just set the cube on your miter saw, table saw or band saw and zero out the digital reading. Doing that calibrates it to the reference surface. Then, use the magnets to mount it to the tool blade (or leave it on a tiltable table) and tip the blade or table to the angle you want. You’ll get an immediate and constant display as the cube pivots on its axis, up to 150°. The device is accurate to a tenth of a degree.

posted on April 1, 2011 by Woodworker's Journal
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