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Wixey Saw Fence Digital Readout Attaches to Table Saw Fence for Sensor Readings
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Wixey digital readout Wixey's digital readout can add accuracy to your rip fence with a 60" sensor rail attached to the rip fence and an LCD display.

If you’re really serious about supercharging your table saw, you can give the rip fence a digitized boost with Wixey’s Saw Fence Digital Readout ($100 in 2010). It comes with aluminum tracks that join end-to-end and mount below your saw’s standard round or square rip fence rail. Metallic sensor strips adhere to the face of this rail to feed information about the rip fence’s position to the digital display. The LCD unit slides along the sensor rail and attaches with a magnet to a bracket you mount on the rip fence handle housing. So, once the unit is installed, you can still remove the fence but leave the readout in place by separating them at the magnet.

Set the digital display however you like — in decimal or fractional inches or millimeters — by pushing a button. Then slide the fence against the blade to zero it out. Wixey says the unit is accurate to within .002" per foot. The 60"-capacity sensor rail mounts to Biesemeyer style fences as well as Delta Unifence, Vega and other round-tube rail designs.

I mounted the one you see here to a new style Delta Unisaw. The instructions were easy to follow, and installation took about an hour.

posted on October 1, 2010 by Chris Marshall
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