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Wooden Ride-On Toys: Beyond the Rocking Horse
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When you think of kids' wooden ride-on toys, you most likely think of the venerable old rocking horse, with his yarn hair, and his chipping (probably lead!) paint. Rocking horses are sweet and simple, and they're so... old fashioned!

Thanks to the constant flow of creativity that our customers bring to Rockler.com's Project Gallery, Dave Werden in our Internet department (you might know him as @RocklerDave from Twitter) noticed a new trend that he pointed out to me. Rocking and ride-on toys aren't just horses anymore!

Our customers are coming up with all kinds of fabulous ride-on toys for their lucky kids and grandkids (like the happy little Harley-rider at right)! Check out these awesome examples:

First up, the Harley, and various other choppers and bikes:
by Bob Schuster of Lenexa, Kansas, for his cutie-little granddaughter (above, right), who has ridden it just about daily for two years now!

Rocking Hog by Chris Farquhar of Troy, Michigan. Chris used different types of wood to bring color and depth to the different parts of the bike, which was a present for his first grandson.

by Doug Premo, of Salt Lake City, Utah. Doug produces these super-cool rockers for craft shows, festivals and an online store. (He's also got two other examples in our Gallery, so flip over there to take a look!) How fun are these? I have a feeling they'll be seeing a few of these kids at Sturgis in another 20 years or so! But that's not all – there are other animals besides horses that are fun to ride! How about these?
The Bear Rocker is another one by Chris Farquhar, who used Black Walnut for the body, Poplar for the nose and Pine for the rocker platform.
David Garcia Jr., of Artesia, California, said "No horsing around here!" and made this Buffalo Rocker with bookmatched sides and mahogany hoooves! Still, the rocking horse will always be in style, and I'll bet that the little girl who found this very fancy horse underneath her Christmas tree hadn't been wishing for a buffalo or a chopper instead!
Don W. Harris of Bayboro, North Carolina, made this fanciful Rocking Horse for his first grandchild based on a picture his wife found! What a beautiful gift for baby! Our Project Gallery is bursting with wonderful ideas, so next time you're looking for a little inspiration, click on over to Rockler.com and take a look at our customers' creations. Got something you'd like to show off? Post away! We love to see your projects! And who knows - your project might just be the spark of inspiration that another woodworker has been looking for!

posted on April 7, 2010 by Kim Adams
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8 thoughts on “Wooden Ride-On Toys: Beyond the Rocking Horse”

  • Twila Swartz

    The cute little gal on the motor cycle is my Great Grand daughter and the builder is our son-in-law who is great at everything he does.

  • Kim Adams

    Twila-- She is definitely a cutie! And she looks just thrilled with her ride! Your son-in-law is very creative!

  • Erin

    I am a BIG fan of rocking horses, so when I saw that there were other ideas for rockers out there, I was just thrilled. I was very interested to find more sites that carried patterns for other rockers than just horses. I came across Sherwood Creations. I went to there site and found just what I was looking for. Check them out at http://sherwoodonline.com/search.asp?keyword=rocking%20&page=1.

  • Kim Adams

    Thanks for the tip, Erin! There's some fun stuff there!

  • Alicia

    These wooden toys are cool. I really like the pink horse!

  • Lea

    is there any patterns for the bull riding rocker? My grandson is a huge PBR watcher and would love one of these made to fit. 8 second rides are waiting for him.
    Any info about patterns would be great! Thanks

  • Teresa Disney

    I love the rocking bear. Is there a pattern for it? I want to have this made for my granddaughters 1st Christmas.
    Thank you,

  • michael harp

    is there any patterns for the Harley Davidson . i would like to make one for my grandson

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