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Woodworker Uses Epoxy on Clamps to Overcome Arthritis in the Workshop
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Clamp modified for easier adjustments A few simple modifications to some tools can help woodworkers with a disability continue creating beautiful projects.

I’ve been a custom woodworker on and off for 40 years and recently, arthritis in my hands has made it more difficult to get some shop tasks done. Tightening clamps is particularly painful, especially if I’m doing a big glue-up with 30 or more clamps. Even so, arthritis is not going to stop me from woodworking, and I’ve got a great clamp modification to share. Just drill a pilot hole in the end of the clamp handle and drive in a lag screw. I use epoxy to make sure the screw won’t ever back out. With a hex head on the clamp handle, you can use a wrench, ratchet or even an air ratchet to tighten and loosen it without pain.

posted on February 1, 2008 by Woodworker's Journal
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