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Woodworker thinks outside the box - the ICE box!
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Ron Sommerville of Bridgeton, New Jersey, has a 200-year-old farmhouse. He wanted his kitchen to be modern, but not look out of place with the house.

Take a look at Ron's awesome solution! He used the hardware from our Classic Icebox Hardware Kit to make custom panels for his modern Jenn-Air fridge!

Ron's review says "I removed the hardware protective finish with a wire brush and darkened the hardware using your brass darkening solution for an aged, distressed look. I put a stainless steel pin through the latch to make it solid. I now have an "old" icebox in my 200 year old farmhouse."

I just love the creativity and ingenuity of woodworkers! Thanks for sharing, Ron!

posted on April 15, 2010 by Kim Adams
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4 thoughts on “Woodworker thinks outside the box - the ICE box!”

  • Uncle Wayne

    You need to put old fasion sides on it too. Looks real good.

  • Dan Ackermann

    What a great idea Ron! I wish I would have have thought of that. I may have to "borrow" your idea.Thanks for sharing this.

  • Aluminum Extrusions

    Wow... This is awesome. Ron, I think you knocked this one out of the park!!! Job well done, sir!

  • Betty Boggs

    This is a most ingenious invention. I love to carve and sometimes can't go out to the shop. This allows me to carve in my kitchen whenever and yes, I clean up my mess. Mess? No, creativeness is never a mess. Anyway, they allow me to use the counter without having to rely on clamps which always got in my way and wouldn't fit on the counter.

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