Woodworking Safety Week Wrap-up
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To wrap up Woodworking Safety Week, we've got tips, a unique safety item and a picture (a drawing-- don't worry) that'll scare you safe.

First, a quick sampling of "most important" safety tips culled from some of the woodworkers around our corporate office today:

  • Jim C., Merchandising, sagely warns us:
    Don't run with a sharp chisel.
    Thanks, Jim--that's just what Mom always used to say.
  • Joe K., Merchandising, has a tip from personal experience:
    I wear glasses and have done so since the age of three. I can honestly say that without my glasses, I would be blind in both eyes from projectiles that have struck my lenses while working with tools. My tip is always wear safety glasses when working with any tool, woodworking or otherwise.
  • Brad B. from Production says:
    Take your time. When you're in a hurry, that's when mistakes and accidents happen.
  • Rick W. in Merchandising warns:
    Never cut metal with your table saw (or any other machine that will produce sparks) with the dust collector on, or without making sure there is no sawdust hanging around.
    I don't know if that's from personal experience, but that's a good one to remember!
  • Robert R., Production, has a more serious set of tips:
    Know your mood!
    If you're tired from working at your day job--don't use tools!
    If you're angry--don't use tools!
    If while woodworking, something frustrates you--back off for a while.
  • Which goes right along with Woody F.'s tip (Woody doesn't like to say which department he's in):
    Your most important woodworking tool is your mind. When you're in the shop, make sure it stays sharp and in sound working order.
    The whole mood/mind thing was something I read all over the place in woodworking blogs this Safety Week, and I think it's a good one.

Nothing really new or earth-shattering in those tips, but you know-- I think with things like powers tools, etc., the important thing is just to be reminded once in a while of the safety rules you already know. Keeping safety front and center in your mind while you work is the best precaution there is.

My personal favorite safety item from Rockler (not from experience, just because I think it's a really good idea): Our Safety Power Tool Switch (or "Stop Paddle"). It's GIANT, it's RED, and you can work it with your hand, or your hip, or your knee - whatever body part can get there first.

And last, for Woodworking Safety Week, keep this image in mind. (We have to whether we like it or not--it's in our conference room!)

It's an "abstract" (I guess that's a better word for it than "disturbing"!) print showing what happens when you hurry, or are tired, or fuzzy-headed. (No, those aren't hot dogs flying in the air). (And we won't even get into why there's an alien standing in the doorway. That would call for a whole different set of safety tips!) Be safe out there!

posted on May 8, 2009 by Kim Adams
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