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Shaping the Parts

  • by Rockler

    Need an custom-sized piece of cove molding? Learn how to cut just about any size cove molding safely and easily with a table saw cove cutting jig.

  • by Ralph Bagnall

    Bending wood can be made simpler with the constant application of steam in the process, which means either building or buying a steam box.

  • by Woodworker's Journal

    A few pieces of scrap wood rounded out with Bondo auto body filler can make a perfect template to fit around your router's insert plate.

  • by Woodworker's Journal

    When building cabinetry, a bit of long, flat scrap wood can help you stabilize your router for cutting rabbeted recesses in the back panel.

  • by Woodworker's Journal

    How to remove the discoloration caused by wood burn on decorative edging or molding caused by a router

  • by Ralph Bagnall

    The process of creating bent laminate involves cutting extremely thin pieces of wood and overforming the pieces with clamps or a vacuum press.

  • by Ralph Bagnall

    The two simplest methods for creating curves in the wood for your projects are manual clamping and gluing or kerf bending with several slot cuts.

  • by Chris Marshall

    A modernized version of an American classic, this maple Shaker-style dresser combines old world design with modern techniques.

  • by Charles Mak

    In this relatively simple woodturning project, you can build a wooden handle for a screwdriver with a storage compartment for all your bits.

  • by Greg Wood

    This kitchen chair is built with the height of standard kitchen counters and islands, using attractive black walnut and skillful design.
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