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  • Nova Mini Spigot Jaw Set
    Nova Mini Spigot Jaw Set


    These are powerful spigot jaws for smaller delicate work. The longer jaws provide the strong grip needed for small, unsupported spigot work, while the dovetail profile around the exterior of the jaws allows for expansion into small dovetailed recesses. Made from K1045 steel for maximum structural…

  • Nova Comet II Bed Extension
    Nova Comet II Bed Extension


    Extend the spindle turning capacity of your Nova Comet II Midi Lathe! This bed extension adds 25-1/2" in length, extending the Comet II's distance between centers to 42". You can also add multiple bed extensions for even longer turnings. Solid cast iron throughout for durability and vibration-free turning.

  • Nova Finger Grind Jig
    Nova Finger Grind Jig


    Use the Nova Finger Grind Jig with an ordinary 6" or 8" bench grinder for excellent sharpening results without the high cost. The jig uses an extruded aluminum base with a quick cam lock release that allows you to quickly dial in the angle of your grind. The ball and socket fitting pivots smoothly,…

  • Nova Mini Step Jaw Set
    Nova Mini Step Jaw Set


    With stepped jaws for expanded capacity, these multi-purpose dual-grip jaws are ideal for gripping small- to medium-sized recesses in expansion, and smaller spigots such as pen blanks in contraction. Four jaws are included, each machined from a single piece of 1045 high tensile steel for the…

  • Nova 3" Faceplate, 1-1/4" 8-TPI Thread
    Nova 3" Faceplate, 1-1/4" 8-TPI Thread


    With Nova's unique spin-balanced construction to eliminate vibration, the Nova 3" Faceplate is perfect for precision turning on a wide range of projects. Four screw holes provide a secure grip, while a notch in the outer rim makes for easy removal from the lathe. The faceplate can be fitted to any…

  • Nova Dovetail Chisel
    Nova Dovetail Chisel


    Quickly cuts a dovetail that matches exactly with the dovetailed contour of your Nova Jaws, making it easy to mount bowl blanks onto your lathe. The precise fit and wedging action give the maximum holding power for your chuck. Although other chisels can be used, none have the dedicated shape of the…

  • Nova Pin Jaw Set
    Nova Pin Jaw Set


    These special 25mm extended jaws are designed to act like a pin chuck, expanding into a pre-bored hole. This is an especially useful holding method for bowls with a free form edge. A big advantage over pin chucks is that you don't have to bore to an exact size - any size between the minimum and…

  • Nova DVR 2024 20'' x 24'' Lathe
    Nova DVR 2024 20'' x 24'' Lathe


    Turn on the Nova DVR 2024, and you'll be greeted with smooth, whisper-quiet operation, and rock steady turning. That's because its direct drive technology has no pulleys or belts to cause vibration, and its solid cast iron construction absorbs what little there is. The DVR's smart motor features…

  • Nova Simple Live Center
    Nova Simple Live Center


    This is the standard live center included with all Nova lathes—use as a replacement or as an upgrade for another lathe. With heavy-duty sealed bearings, precisely machined medium tensile carbon steel construction, and a solid steel point to dig into the wood blank, the center provides a long…

  • Nova Powergrip Jaw Set
    Nova Powergrip Jaw Set


    Powergrip Jaws are the most powerful jaws for large spigot and hollow form turning in the Nova lineup. They grip both in contraction and expansion modes, and feature a dovetail that neatly fills the gap between the 75mm (3") and the 130mm (5") Jumbo Jaw sets. Precisely machined from a single solid…

  • Nova Chuck Fastening Spares Kit
    Nova Chuck Fastening Spares Kit


    The Nova Chuck Fastening Spares Kit is used to secure accessory jaws to your Nova chucks. The kit comes standard with all Nova chucks - this is a replacement kit to keep you up and running in the event a fastener is lost or damaged. The kit contains eight M6 screws, two hex wrenches, a grubscrew,…

  • Nova Outrigger Lathe Accessory
    Nova Outrigger Lathe Accessory


    The Nova OR3000 Outrigger Accessory is for use with the Nova 3000, Nova DVR, Nova DVR XP and Nova 1624-44 lathes (sold separately). With the outrigger installed, you'll get rock steady chisel support when turning in the outboard mode, allowing you to turn blanks up to 29" in diameter. Just swing it…

  • Nova DVR Wireless Remote
    Nova DVR Wireless Remote


    This wireless remote lets you power up and power down your Nova DVR lathe and adjust the speed from up to 23 feet away. This saves you the time and hassle of walking all the way to the headstock to make minor adjustments. It also enhances safety when working with large bowls, especially unbalanced…

  • Nova Titan 1-1/4" 8-TPI Direct Thread Chuck
    Nova Titan 1-1/4" 8-TPI Direct Thread Chuck


    The Nova Titan Chuck is a four-jaw, self-centering scroll chuck for large lathes with a 20" diameter swing or larger. It is the largest, most ruggedly built chuck in the Nova range - a full 5" in diameter - and provides super aggressive holding power. The TuffLock™ geared grip provides…

  • Nova Insert/Adapter, 1" 8-TPI RH/LH Dual Thread
    Nova Insert/Adapter, 1" 8-TPI RH/LH Dual Thread


    All insert-style Nova chucks use an easy and inexpensive insert/adapter system that lets you mount your chuck on virtually any lathe. The inserts are available with a variety of thread patterns on the interior, but all have the same exterior thread to fit all your Nova chuck(s). Just check the…

  • Nova Chuck Spur Center
    Nova Chuck Spur Center


    This Spur Center is just the answer for turners who use their Nova Chuck most of the time, and don't want to have to remove the chuck for spindle work. Just clamp the Spur Center into your chuck, and you're ready to go. It's a rugged, 4-pronged spur drive with a square shank that fits snugly into…

  • Nova Cole Jaw Buffers
    Nova Cole Jaw Buffers


    Nova Cole Jaw Buffers are an accessory for the Nova Cole Jaws and Nova Mini Cole Jaws (45174 and 45274, sold separately). The buffers are designed to safely and securely hold your turned edge bowls and large diameter cylinders so you can make the finishing cuts to the bottom side. The kit includes…

  • Nova Lathe Bed Extension
    Nova Lathe Bed Extension


    This bed extension is for use with the Nova DVR XP and Nova 1624-44 lathes (45311 and 48465, sold separately). It is a solid cast iron unit that adds 20" to the spindle turning capacity of your lathe. Multiple units can be added as needed. * Each bed extension adds 20" to your lathe.* Add as…

  • Nova 75mm (3'') Long-Nosed Jaw Set
    Nova 75mm (3'') Long-Nosed Jaw Set


    A generous 2" extension beyond the mounting base gives these unique long-nosed jaws a deep reach for tremendous holding power, both internally and externally. The external dovetail provides a secure grip when used in expansion mode with bowls, and the internal dovetail is ideal for use with footed…

  • Nova Comet II Versaturn Coupler
    Nova Comet II Versaturn Coupler


    With just a 1/4 turn of the Versaturn Coupler, you can transform your Comet II Midi Lathe into a variety of tools, including a precision bench grinder. The coupler lets you easily remove and attach any Versaturn Accessory (sold separately)- just insert the end into the coupler and rotate the sturdy…

  • Nova Cole Jaw Woodworm Screw
    Nova Cole Jaw Woodworm Screw


    Use this dedicated Woodworm Screw for inboard, righthand screw chucking with the Nova Cole Jaws (45174 and 45274, sold separately). Features a longer screw, which enables the threads to protrude past the Cole Jaw segments. The screw has a deep thread that is machined right to the end, allowing an…

  • Nova Step Jaw Set
    Nova Step Jaw Set


    These step jaws are designed to operate primarily in the contracting mode, gripping the base of footed bowls. The step sizes provide optimum gripping for three foot sizes with minimal crushing of the wood fibers. There is also an expanding dovetail so you have the option of gripping recessed bowls.…

  • Nova Woodsurfer  Bowl Rest
    Nova Woodsurfer Bowl Rest


    The Nova Woodsurfer Bowl Rest provides rock solid stability for the most demanding bowl turning applications. Its curved shape hugs the contour of your bowl, providing optimum support for your chisel without having to continually readjust. Made from high quality cast iron, the Woodsurfer™ is…

  • Nova Mini 20mm Jaw Set
    Nova Mini 20mm Jaw Set


    The Nova Mini Jaws are ideal for use with mini and midi lathes, and are capable of holding work below the size handled by the 25mm (1") jaws. They are designed to securely hold small bowls up to 6" in diameter, and small, free-end spigot turnings up to 5" long. They can be used in expansion mode…

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