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Full Spectrum H-Series 20'' x 12'' Desktop CO2 Laser Engraver/Cutter Package

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LED Shop Light with Reflector Shroud

  • Tzalam Pen Blank
    Tzalam Pen Blank


    Light to medium brown in color with darker bands interspersed, Tzalam makes an attractive wood for turning. With its straight grain, smooth, even texture and medium density, it is easy to turn and machine. It also glues well for laminated blanks and takes a fine polish.

  • Sapele Pen Blank
    Sapele Pen Blank


    Sapele's heartwood ranges from a deep gold to a darker reddish brown, the color tending to darken over time. Quartersawn sections often showcase a striking ribbon pattern. The grain is interlocked, and often wavy, with a fine texture and nice luster. Though its interlocked grain can make Sapele…

  • Padauk Pen Blank
    Padauk Pen Blank


    Padauk is most famous for its brilliant red color, and is sometimes known as "vermillion" for that reason. It is strong, moderately heavy and extremely stable. Padauk's reddish orange coloring darkens over time to a purplish brown, but the darkening can be slowed with the use of UV-inhibiting finishes.

  • Marblewood Pen Blank
    Marblewood Pen Blank


    Marblewood's contrasting palette of rich brown and creamy gold resembles that of Zebrawood, but Marblewood has a finer texture and a slightly more wavy or "webbed" grain pattern. It is dense and heavy, but with sharp tools, you will be rewarded with stunning figure that only gets more attractive as…

  • Goncalo Alves Pen Blank
    Goncalo Alves Pen Blank


    Goncalo Alves has medium brown heartwood with a reddish cast, interspersed with irregular bands of dark brown and black. Its coloring tends to darken over time. Despite its high density, Goncalo Alves is quite easy to work with. The wood resists moisture absorption, so gluing can be difficult, but…

  • Andira Pen Blank
    Andira Pen Blank


    Andira comes from an evergreen tree native to southern Mexico and South America. Its color can vary from medium to dark brown, with occasional reddish hues. The grain is quite porous and exhibits an attractive lined appearance. It turns and finishes well.

  • Granadillo Pen Blank
    Granadillo Pen Blank


    "Granadillo" is used to refer to numerous woods native to Latin America, usually from the Platymiscium genus. The wood is beautiful, durable and very hard. Its color is generally dark brown, with darker lines, sometimes with hints of red or purple. It turns and finishes well.

  • Imitation Horn Poly Resin Pen Blank
    Imitation Horn Poly Resin Pen Blank


    These Poly Resin pen blanks are offered in a range of unique patterns not available in other materials. This pattern is called Imitation Horn, a warm, natural brown with highlights of beige. The blanks are professionally cast using special techniques to create a totally void-free blank. They arrive…

  • Chakte Kok Pen Blank
    Chakte Kok Pen Blank


    Often referred to as Redheart, Chakte Kok is known for its lovely red coloring with darker reddish brown grain lines. Though the grain can occasionally be straight and clear, Chakte Kok often exhibits a variety of interesting streaks, figured patterns and closed knots. The wood has extremely small…

  • Limba Pen Blank
    Limba Pen Blank


    Limba features a honey brown backdrop interspersed with streaks ranging from gray to nearly black. The sapwood is a pale gray-brown and transitions gradually from the heartwood. The color of Limba typically darkens over time. It is usually straight-grained, moderately dense and has an evenly coarse…

  • Mango Pen Blank
    Mango Pen Blank


    As its name implies, Mango wood comes from the same tree that produces the familiar succulent fruit. Its color can vary, but the heartwood is generally a golden brown with streaks or flecks of black, yellow and even pink. Sapwood is paler and is not clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Mango wood…

  • Jatoba Pen Blank
    Jatoba Pen Blank


    These blanks are cut from select Jatoba heartwood, which ranges in color from an orange-brown to a dark reddish brown, occasionally with lighter streaks. With exposure to sunlight, the color tends to darken. Though it can blunt tools more quickly than usual because of its density, Jatoba glues,…

  • Honey Locust Pen Blank
    Honey Locust Pen Blank


    Honey Locust is a high-quality hardwood native to North America. Though you may not recognize the tree, you may be familiar with the long curly brown seed pods they sometimes drop. Honey Locust is extremely durable both in hardness and resistance to rot. It is sometimes used in fence posts and…

  • Brownheart Pen Blank
    Brownheart Pen Blank


    True to its name, brownheart showcases a medium to dark brown heartwood color, which occasionally takes on a reddish cast. The grain has a somewhat lined appearance, especially in quarter-sawn sections. Brownheart turns, glues, and finishes well, but due to its density, tends to blunt cutters.

  • Bali Pen Blank
    Bali Pen Blank


    Bali is easy to turn and finish, and takes a nice natural polish. It has an attractive striped appearance, with color ranging from cream to a warm reddish brown. Compared to other dense hardwoods, Bali is much easier to work with.

  • Bengal Stripe Poly Resin Pen Blank
    Bengal Stripe Poly Resin Pen Blank


    These Poly Resin pen blanks are offered in a range of unique patterns not available in other materials. This pattern is called Bengal Stripe, an exotic mix of orange and black. The blanks are cast using professional techniques to create a totally void-free blank with a layered effect. Polyester…

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