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  • Spirit Pen Kit
    Spirit Pen Kit
    1 Review(s)
    $12.99 $2.99

    SAVE 77%

    This large pen has an even larger personality. It stands on end when you're not using it, virtually begging passers-by to stop and admire your craftsmanship. It features a 24-karat gold-plated tapered barrel and cap and comes equipped with a Schmidt® ceramic rollerball refill for smooth,…

  • Plateau Magnifying Glass Hardware Kit
    Plateau Magnifying Glass Hardware Kit
    $7.59 $3.99

    SAVE 47%

    Custom magnifying glasses make for great family heirlooms and unique memorable gifts. This Plateau Magnifying Glass Hardware Kit provides you with: (1) 2 1/2'' hardened optical acrylic lens, attachment hardware, a #2 morse taper arbor, mandrel shaft, knurled nut and end pieces. Designed to fit a…

  • Toothpick Holder/Keyring Hardware Kit - Gold
    Toothpick Holder/Keyring Hardware Kit - Gold
    1 Review(s)
    $3.99 $2.99

    SAVE 25%

    Tasteful and discreet, this slim Toothpick Holder will always be handy on your keyring to give you confidence in your smile - be it corn on the cob or poppy seed muffins. Smooth threaded cap is a pleasure to open. An easy project to turn-just drill your turning blank (sold separately), install the…

  • Perfume Pen Hardware Kit
    Perfume Pen Hardware Kit
    $4.79 $1.99

    SAVE 58%

    Here's a great gift idea for members of the fairer sex-a "pen" that paints on the perfect amount of perfume. Fill it with your favorite fragrance, pull off the cap, and dab it on. Technical Details:* Perfume Pen Hardware Kit includes brass tubes, wick, applicator, tip, end caps, center coupler and…

  • Beer Tap Labels
    Beer Tap Labels


    These Beer Tap Labels are perfectly sized for use with the Round Beer Tap Label Finial (44088, sold separately). Each pack includes a pair of labels for six different brews: stout, ale, lager, beer, Pilsner and IPA (India pale ale). Labels are included for both the front and back of the finial, so…

  • Yo-Yo Hardware Kit
    Yo-Yo Hardware Kit
    0 Review(s)


    Walk-the-dog, go round-the-world, and rock-the-baby with the best yo-yo that money can't buy! Whether you're rediscovering the joy of yo-yos, or handing it down to a younger generation, these yo-yo kits make a great, memorable way to do it. The required mandrel is sold separately (46460) to make…

  • Salt and Pepper Shaker Turning Kit
    Salt and Pepper Shaker Turning Kit
    0 Review(s)


    Spice up your turning with these high quality inserts. Set includes two threaded inserts with chrome-plated tops; one hole for the pepper, three holes for the salt. Durable plastic bodies taper slightly toward the base, assuring an easy fit into your custom turned shakers. Items You Might Need…

  • Pickup Pen Bushings
    Pickup Pen Bushings
    $3.99 $0.99

    SAVE 75%

    Pickup Pen Bushings are for the Pickup pen kit (#23012 Sold Separately). The bushings fit a 7mm mandrel.

  • Magnetic Pickup Pen Kit
    Magnetic Pickup Pen Kit
    2 Review(s)


    It's shaped like a pen and can fit in your pocket, but instead of a writing tip, the pickup pen features a powerful rare earth magnet that can lift up to 8 lbs. With its 21" extendable shaft, you can easily sift through saw dust or reach under the workbench to find any metal object that has gone…

  • Plumb Bobble Hardware Kit
    Plumb Bobble Hardware Kit


    Here's a fun, fast project for wood turners who also appreciate things straight, flat and square. Plumb Bobbles miniature plumb bobs are primarily decorative, but you can also string them up to work just like their bigger brothers. A long necklace cord is included for use as a necklace, and they…

  • Salt Shaker Cap
    Salt Shaker Cap


    This is a fun, fast project that makes a great gift. Just turn your blank, drill a hole with a 1-1/4" Forstner Bit (21207, sold separately), and press the cap into place. Sold individually.

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