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  • Collapsible Rolling Tool Carts - Set of 2
    Collapsible Rolling Tool Carts - Set of 2
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    Whether for the occasional household project or everyday shop use, this Collapsible Rolling Tool Cart will save you countless trips back to your workbench to get yet another tool. Simply load up the cart with whatever you need for any given task and wheel it around the shop, the jobsite and even up…

  • Wilton Pivot-Jaw Woodworking Vise
    Wilton Pivot-Jaw Woodworking Vise
    $199.99 $119.99

    SAVE 40%

    Clamp a tapered object in a standard vise and the jaws will rack, leading to inadequate clamping pressure and premature wear on the screw. The Wilton Pivot-Jaw Vise solves this problem with a pivoting front plate that automatically adapts to any angle up to 10°. In addition, a sturdy U-channel…

  • Magnetic Flex LED Dual Base Work Light
    Magnetic Flex LED Dual Base Work Light
    2 Review(s)


    Cast light on the subject in nearly any situation with this flexible LED Work Light. With two mounting options - a powerful magnet that attaches to any ferrous metal surface, and a spring clamp that grips onto shelves, bench tops and more - this makes a useful portable lighting option for a variety…

  • Interlocking Wood Grain Anti-Fatigue Mats - 24'' x 24''
    Interlocking Wood Grain Anti-Fatigue Mats - 24'' x 24''
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    Comfort doesn't have to mean a sacrifice in style. That's why these interlocking puzzle mats feature a wood-grain finish for a perfect blend of form and function. Dress up your laundry room while providing a soft insulating layer for your feet. Make your play room more friendly for little knees and…

  • Simple Scribe
    Simple Scribe


    Scribing cabinets to butt neatly against an uneven wall has never been so simple and foolproof! To set your scribing distance with the Simple Scribe, just rotate the tool so that the appropriate face rests against the wall. The Simple Scribe has seven facets with scribing distances from 1/4'' to…

  • 4'' Stainless Steel Magnetic Parts Tray
    4'' Stainless Steel Magnetic Parts Tray


    Keep your screws from getting loose with this magnetic parts tray - the perfect solution for small, easy-to-lose parts. Powerful magnetic base keeps screws right at your fingertips, no fumbling with a lid. Magnetic base is coated with non-slip rubber, adding weight and stability, and preventing…

  • Sjobergs Smart Vise
    Sjobergs Smart Vise
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    Sjoberg's Smart Vise is a portable, practical work-holding solution that brings the versatility of a tail vise to almost any setting. Clamp it to a set of sawhorses, a picnic table, a shop stand - almost any stable surface - and you get an instant woodworking vise, complete with a short row of dog…

  • Rockler Broad Shoulder Apron
    Rockler Broad Shoulder Apron


    With its large, padded shoulder straps and adjustable back strap, our Broad Shoulder Apron keeps your most important tools within easy reach without sacrificing comfort. Made from 14 oz. duck cotton, it is sure to stand up to years of hard use. The sturdy waist strap features a quick-release buckle…

  • FastCap® SquareNTape™
    FastCap® SquareNTape™
    1 Review(s)


    No need to use a builder's square or chalk box; using the peel and stick backing, simply attach SquareNTape™ to any standard tape measure (sold separately) then slide and mark your board with the 8-in-1 SquareNTape™ from FastCap®! SquareNTape™ features include a 90°…

  • Analog Moisture Meter
    Analog Moisture Meter
    $29.99 $17.99

    SAVE 40%

    The slim contact probes on this Sonin Analog Moisture Test Meter are located at the end of a 3' coiled cable, providing access to the tightest of spots. This makes it ideal for diagnosing moisture problems within walls, joists, and attic spaces. Scale and reference chart correlate relative and…

  • 25-LED Flex Work Light
    25-LED Flex Work Light
    $19.99 $9.99

    SAVE 50%

    Shed light on the subject from any angle with this flexible 25-LED Work Light! With two powerful LED lights' a spotlight/flashlight in the tip and a 25-LED work light along the shaft - you can direct light upwards, downwards and at any angle with perfect ease. Dual switches allow you to switch…

  • Nova Sharpening Center Attachment
    Nova Sharpening Center Attachment


    The Nova Sharpening Center attachment transforms your standard bench grinder into a precision sharpening machine, but without the cost of expensive sharpeners. It combines the slideway grinding jig and a powerful finger grind jig into one versatile sharpening tool. It utilizes a sturdy platform and…

  • Zerust® No Rust Non-Slip Drawer Liner, 12'' x 72''
    Zerust® No Rust Non-Slip Drawer Liner, 12'' x 72''
    $8.99 $5.99

    SAVE 33%

    Zerust Drawer Liners help to protect woodworking tools, garden tools, toolbox drawers and firearms from rust and corrosion of any kind. They keep your steel from rusting and your brass and bronze from tarnishing. Not only do they lift your tools off the drawer bottom where condensation collects,…

  • 16-inch Tool Tote
    16-inch Tool Tote


    Our 16-inch Tool Tote is ideal for woodworkers on the move. Compact and portable, it still manages to store a huge volume of tools. It has a spacious opening for easy access and great visibility, and soft sides that won't bang up your knees when toting your tools from jobsite to jobsite. Roomy…

  • Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig
    Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig


    Includes two bases, "V" arm attachment and 3" x 5" platform jig with quick-release ratchet handles. Quickly and easily sharpen your gouges, chisels, scrapers, parting tools, skews and carving tools. * Designed to sharpen traditional bowl gouges and other curved chisels with straight edges such as…

  • 28-LED Cordless MegaLight
    28-LED Cordless MegaLight


    With four mounting options—magnetic, hook, keyhole and freestanding—this cordless LED MegaLight can be mounted precisely where you need it. It's ideal for workshops, garages, closets, attics and sheds where outlets are either non-existent or inconveniently located. The 28 energy-sipping…

  • Scheppach 8'' Variable Speed Bench Grinder
    Scheppach 8'' Variable Speed Bench Grinder


    With variable speed from 2000-3450 RPM, this 8" grinding center is well suited for all your grinding and sharpening needs. Simply adjust the speed dial to suit the application. A top-mounted lamp and adjustable shields ensure safety and excellent visibility. Included wheel dresser keeps the 36- and…

  • iGaging Digital 3-in-1 Multi Gauge
    iGaging Digital 3-in-1 Multi Gauge
    5 Review(s)


    Measure accurately like never before with the unique, iGaging® 0-6" Digital 3-in-1 Multi Gauge! Features a large LCD with three digital readings in inches, inches with fractions, and metric. Technical Details:* 0-6" full range digital gauge: height, depth and welding thickness* 3-way measuring:…

  • Work Sharp® Guided Field Sharpener
    Work Sharp® Guided Field Sharpener


    The Work Sharp GFS 221 is truly the Swiss army knife of sharpeners - compact, effective and packed with features. Though designed primarily for field and forest, it's just as at home in a kitchen drawer for sharpening chef's knives, or in the shop for touching up bits and blades. It boasts a…

  • Jet® JWBG-8 8'' Bench Grinder w/Norton® Wheels
    Jet® JWBG-8 8'' Bench Grinder w/Norton® Wheels


    Jet's new 8'' Bench Grinder features a low 1725 RPM, optimized specifically for sharpening woodworking tool steels with minimal risk of burning or bluing. It comes standard with two premium-quality Norton wheels: an 80 grit 3X Blue Ceramic Alumina wheel for coarse grinding and a 100 grit White…

  • Rockler 24'' x 32'' Blank Shop Stand Table Top
    Rockler 24'' x 32'' Blank Shop Stand Table Top


    This top is made of solid MDF for stability and flatness, and coated with melamine so it sheds glue easily. At 24" x 32", it works well as a work station for benchtop power tools, as a sharpening station, or as a smaller general-purpose work table. Pair it with your own shop-built base cabinet.…

  • Grr-Rip Block™ Smart Hook Push Block
    Grr-Rip Block™ Smart Hook Push Block
    2 Review(s)


    Not all push blocks are created equal, and Micro-Jig's Grr-Rip Block is one that stands a head above the rest. It features "Gravity Heel" drop-down hooks on either end, which provide rigid backup support for heavier cutting tasks, such as jointing wide boards. Set the push block down in the middle…

  • Rockler Shop Towel Holder
    Rockler Shop Towel Holder
    2 Review(s)


    Keeping plenty of paper towels close at hand helps you clean up glue messesright where they start, and this simple, inexpensive holder does just that. Madeout of sturdy galvanized steel, it features a tray on top to keep dust off yourpaper towels, and to hold soap or supplies such as glue, latex…

  • Grip Tite Magnetic Feather Board
    Grip Tite Magnetic Feather Board
    6 Review(s)


    Setting up a featherboard has never been so easy. Just hold the Grip-Tite Magnetic Featherboard next to your workpiece and drop it into place-the super strong magnets cling tenaciously to any ferrous metal table or fence. Grip-Tite featherboard applies both downward and sideways pressure, keeping…

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