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  • Vertical Mount Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware
    Vertical Mount Deluxe Murphy Bed Hardware
    16 Review(s)
    From: $299.99

    SAVE 19%

    These Deluxe Murphy Bed Kits include all the necessary hardware included in our standard kit plus a pair of folding metal legs that support the end of the bed when it's folded out, and tuck neatly inside the bed when stored. One tug is all it takes, and the bed folds out smoothly and silently on…

  • Gel Stain - General Finishes - Java
    Gel Stain - General Finishes - Java
    35 Review(s)
    From: $20.99

    The foolproof finishing system! Just wipe on with a clean cloth and you're ensured of professional quality results without brush marks. Stains dry to the touch in minutes. If you want a darker color, apply another coat of stain in only 6 hours. Once you're satisfied with the color, apply General…

  • Rockler Clamp-It® Assembly Square
    Rockler Clamp-It® Assembly Square
    121 Review(s)
    $12.99 $8.99

    SAVE 31%

    Here's a solution that's so simple, you'll wonder why it took so long to develop! The Clamp-It® replaces custom clamping jigs, acts as a third hand, and eliminates the need for long bulky clamps. Simply put, the Clamp-It® is a square you can clamp. In fact, you can even assemble a cabinet…

  • HVLP Spray System
    HVLP Spray System
    190 Review(s)
    $149.99 $119.99

    SAVE 20%

    Features adjustable spray nozzle for horizontal, vertical, or round flat positions. Included with your HVLP Spray System are: * Spray Gun w/Sprayer Station. Sprayer station plugs in and produces air flow to the spray gun via a turbine. * Sprayer Cup that attaches to spray gun; Replacement cups are…

  • Low Profile Lazy Susans
    Low Profile Lazy Susans
    68 Review(s)
    From: $7.49

    SAVE 25%

    Lazy Susans have a long history of improving the organization and accessibility of a wide variety of items. While traditionally you would find a Lazy Susan in the kitchen this useful piece of hardware can be used as an invaluable component for your: entertainment center, closet, pantry, liquor…

  • Wooden Handscrew Clamps
    Wooden Handscrew Clamps
    158 Review(s)
    From: $4.99

    SAVE 50%

    A classic design lets you offset and/or angle the jaws however you need to keep parts from shifting. Eight, ten and twelve-inch clamps available, all featuring solid steel clamping elements and redesigned hardwood handles that accept new comfortable rubber grips (39105, sold separately). * 4"…

  • JIG IT® Shelving Jig w/Self-Centering Bit
    JIG IT® Shelving Jig w/Self-Centering Bit
    196 Review(s)
    From: $24.99

    SAVE 32%

    Economical and practical, this jig is ideal for adding shelves to assembled, unassembled, new, or existing cabinetry. Re-designed handle includes two storage compartments for self-centering bits! Additional Self-Centering Bit sizes available separately. * Drills holes either 1-7/16" or…

  • Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig
    Rockler Complete Dovetail Jig
    136 Review(s)
    $164.99 $119.99

    SAVE 27%

    Cutting beautiful through and half-blind dovetails is fast and easy with our new and improved dovetail jig! Rockler's exclusive one-piece stop gives you the perfect offset every time for dead-on dovetailing accuracy. And our new preset template guide allows for quick initial setup for 1/2" to 3/4"…

  • Blum® Compact Soft-Close BLUMotion Overlay Hinges for Face-Frame
    Blum® Compact Soft-Close BLUMotion Overlay Hinges for Face-Frame
    20 Review(s)
    From: $8.99

    SAVE 25%

    Now you can have the smooth, soft-closing action of BLUMotion in a compact,space-saving hinge - ideal for face-frame cabinets or any cabinet where clearance is an issue. With Compact BLUMotion, the damping mechanism fits entirely within the hinge cup, allowing use of a smaller mounting plate. Each…

  • Rockler 17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit
    Rockler 17-Piece Universal T-Track Kit
    58 Review(s)
    $31.99 $19.99

    SAVE 38%

    Universal T-Track boasts a unique stacked-slot design that allows you to attach any accessory with 1/4" T-bolts, 5/16" T-bolts, or 1/4" Hex-bolts. With this full-service kit you get: * One 4' length of Universal T-Track* Two 3-1/2" x 5/16" T-bolts* Two 1" x 5/16" T-bolts* Two 1-1/2" x 5/16"…

  • Rockler Dovetail Miter Bars
    Rockler Dovetail Miter Bars
    3 Review(s)
    $16.99 $5.99

    SAVE 65%

    Some of the pickiest machining operations require a jig that won't lift or tip in the slightest, and that's where the new Rockler Dovetail Miter Bar excels. With its 14° wedge-shaped profile, it holds your jig firmly to the work surface for precision, consistency and repeatability where lifting…

  • Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig
    Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig
    58 Review(s)
    $77.99 $57.99

    SAVE 26%

    With a simple indexed angle setting system, heavy duty hold-down clamps and a smooth sliding design, it makes tapered cuts fast, easy and more precise. Perfect for chair legs, table legs and more. Jig fits snug in any standard 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot and features a large, ergonomic handle for smooth…

  • Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit
    Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit
    17 Review(s)
    $59.99 $39.99

    SAVE 33%

    Use Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers alone on the bench to grip and protect your workpieces, or use them with the included standard risers and XL risers to fix them to your dog holes or to allow space for a router bit or jigsaw blade beneath the workpiece. The Master Kit even includes eight…

  • Rockler T-Track Table Top 1-1/8" Thick
    Rockler T-Track Table Top 1-1/8" Thick
    13 Review(s)
    $249.99 $169.99

    SAVE 32%

    Considering the wide variety of T-Track accessories available, the utility of the Rockler T-Track Table Top is virtually limitless. Clamp objects at the edge of the table, in the center of the table and anywhere in between for fast, stable sawing, sanding, routing or assembly. Use it with any of…

  • Rockler 4-Piece Router Table Accessory Kit
    Rockler 4-Piece Router Table Accessory Kit
    2 Review(s)
    $49.99 $29.99

    SAVE 40%

    Our 4-Piece Router Table Accessory Kit includes an easy-mount dust port, plus three featherboards for more consistent cut quality and to help prevent kickback. Two of the featherboards mount to the fence, exerting pressure down toward the table, while the third mounts to the table and keeps your…

  • Hinge Cup Drilling Jigs
    Hinge Cup Drilling Jigs
    5 Review(s)
    From: $5.99

    SAVE 25%

    Here's an accurate and inexpensive way to set up your drill press for making holes for 35 mm and 26 mm cup hinges. Simply align your fence with the jig and drill. You'll get consistently accurate holes set to the proper depth and the ability to position quickly and easily! Hinge Cup Jig A is used…

  • Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slide
    Classic Wood Center Mount Drawer Slide
    75 Review(s)
    $10.99 $7.99

    SAVE 27%

    These classic drawer slides can be adapted to fit most applications. Slides are 22" long but can be cut to length if needed. Cabinet part is usually 1/2" longer than drawer part; both included. * Slide comes undrilled, allowing for customization.* 22" Length* 3/4" thick when both slide parts are…

  • Dust Right® Expandable Hose
    Dust Right® Expandable Hose
    108 Review(s)
    From: $39.99

    SAVE 23%

    It slinks with ease around shop stands, power tools, and more - and always supplies the right amount of slack. Attach it to your Dust Right® system and dust collector for a premium shop-cleaning setup that won't eat up floor-space! 4" in diameter. Suggested Accessories for Enhanced Dust…

  • Accuride Center Mount Slide for Face Frame Cabinets (Series 1029)
    Accuride Center Mount Slide for Face Frame Cabinets (Series 1029)
    64 Review(s)
    From: $8.09

    SAVE 10%

    A center mount slide without any wobble, this low profile under mount slide maximizes space in kitchen and bath cabinets as well as furniture drawers. Maximize available space by mounting this low profile (1-3/8" W X 3/8" H) ball bearing slide beneath your face frame drawers. No hardware is visible…

  • Folding Shelf Brackets-Select Option
    Folding Shelf Brackets-Select Option
    28 Review(s)
    From: $24.99

    SAVE 17%

    Flexible enough to work in tight spaces, sturdy enough to hold up to 750 lbs. per pair! These folding shelf brackets are handy in areas and situations where you want a work surface that can be folded down and out of the way when not in use. Spring-loaded, one-handed release lever keeps hands and…

  • Rockler Tablesaw CrossCut Sled
    Rockler Tablesaw CrossCut Sled
    100 Review(s)
    $139.99 $99.99

    SAVE 29%

    No more squinting at those tiny scales - this Crosscut Sled's large protractor scale lets you precisely tune your angles for air-tight miters and crosscuts. Easy-to-read 1/2° graduations and a hair-line indicator ensure error-free setups, while a heavy-duty aluminum fence, adjustable MDF fence…

  • Rockler Universal Fence Clamps
    Rockler Universal Fence Clamps
    305 Review(s)
    $19.99 $14.99

    SAVE 25%

    These compact, lightweight Fence Clamps allow you to secure a huge variety of shop-made auxiliary fences to your existing fences without having the clamp interfere with your work. The clamp arm simply fits into a 3/8" hole in the top of the auxiliary fence, keeping it out of the way. That means no…

  • iVac Pro Tool Wireless Dust Collection Controller System
    iVac Pro Tool Wireless Dust Collection Controller System
    2 Review(s)
    $69.99 $52.49

    SAVE 25%

    Eliminate the unsafe distraction of turning on and off your dust collection system while you're operating a shop tool! The iVac Pro consists of two main components, the Pro Switch (Sold Separately) and the Pro Tool, both sold separately in your choice of 240V or 115V. A complete iVac Pro System…

  • Rockler Aluminum Pro Router Plates
    Rockler Aluminum Pro Router Plates
    3 Review(s)
    From: $44.99

    SAVE 25%

    A router table insert plate makes it easy to lift your router out and set it on the table for comfortable bit changes, height adjustments, maintenance and even to use your router free hand or with a straight edge guide. It saves you from a lot of backaches, squinting and bumps on the back of the…

  • Items 1 - 24 of 267
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