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  • Rockler Deluxe Band Clamp
    Rockler Deluxe Band Clamp
    10 Review(s)
    $14.99 $7.49

    SAVE 50%

    New and improved, our Ratcheting Band Clamp has a permanently attached wrench so it's always ready for use. Check out these other new improvements:* Stitched band eliminates fraying* The belt is stitched and crimped to the clamp so it won't come loose when you're really clamping tight* Permanently…

  • Bessey Angle Clamp
    Bessey Angle Clamp
    5 Review(s)
    $31.99 $19.99

    SAVE 38%

    Use the Bessey right angle clamp for clamping square corners at a precise 90 degrees. The right angle clamp is ideal for holding parts to be screwed or glued together. The clamp's maximum opening is 7/8" on one side and 2-1/2" on the other side for members of different thicknesses and 1-3/4" for…

  • Wooden Handscrew Clamps
    Wooden Handscrew Clamps
    150 Review(s)
    From: $5.99

    SAVE 40%

    A classic design lets you offset and/or angle the jaws however you need to keep parts from shifting. Eight, ten and twelve-inch clamps available, all featuring solid steel clamping elements and redesigned hardwood handles that accept new comfortable rubber grips (39105, sold separately). * 4"…

  • Irwin® Quick-Grip® SL300 Clamps
    Irwin® Quick-Grip® SL300 Clamps
    18 Review(s)
    From: $11.99

    SAVE 40%

    Since not every workpiece has perfectly even edges, the SL300 adds a swivel jaw that conforms to angled surfaces and combats the inevitable flexing that occurs with resin clamps. It also features a spring-loaded, quick-change screw that makes it easy to reverse the smaller end-piece and transform…

  • Rockler Universal Fence Clamps
    Rockler Universal Fence Clamps
    299 Review(s)
    $19.99 $14.99

    SAVE 25%

    These compact, lightweight Fence Clamps allow you to secure a huge variety of shop-made auxiliary fences to your existing fences without having the clamp interfere with your work. The clamp arm simply fits into a 3/8" hole in the top of the auxiliary fence, keeping it out of the way. That means no…

  • Rockler Pock-it Hole Clamp® with Quick Release
    Rockler Pock-it Hole Clamp® with Quick Release
    11 Review(s)
    $21.99 $16.99

    SAVE 23%

    The Pock-it Hole Clamp® with a new Quick Release features a unique design that inserts a built-in adjustable pin into a 3/8" x 15° pocket hole, giving you perfect alignment every time. Now setups are even quicker and easier with the new quick-release slide button to snug up your fit, then…

  • Irwin 4 Piece Parallel Clamp Set
    Irwin 4 Piece Parallel Clamp Set
    2 Review(s)
    $175.96 $119.99

    SAVE 32%

    With jaws that stay perfectly parallel, these clamps are ideal for accurate clamping of casework and drawers. The unique handle doubles as a clutch - just pull up to disengage. Clutch prevents clamp head from sliding down and pinching your fingers while on the clamp rack. The bar has no serrations,…

  • Bessey Ratcheting Spring Clamps, 4-Pack
    Bessey Ratcheting Spring Clamps, 4-Pack
    3 Review(s)
    $19.99 $14.99

    SAVE 25%

    Spring clamps couldn't get any easier to use, but you only get one pressure setting, and that's determined by the strength of the spring. To solve this problem, these clamps add a ratcheting mechanism that lets you adjust the pressure. Squeeze as hard as you need and the pressure is maintained by…

  • Irwin Quick-Grip 6" Mini Bar Clamps, 2-Pack
    Irwin Quick-Grip 6" Mini Bar Clamps, 2-Pack
    1 Review(s)
    $17.99 $12.99

    SAVE 28%

    The fast-acting, light weight Irwin 6" Quick-Grip Mini Bar Clamps are the perfect solution for smaller projects. They also work perfectly with our line of Shutter Louver Template Sets (Sold Separately). The one-handed operation makes it easy to cinch the clamp tight with the beefy trigger as wells…

  • 2" Spring Clamp
    2" Spring Clamp
    $2.99 $0.79

    SAVE 74%

    Made from a tough, lightweight polymer, these spring clamps are easy to tote around the shop, and they're compact, so you can fit a bunch in your apron pocket. They feature no-mar swiveling jaw tips for clamping angled objects, and serrated throat edges for a good grip on dowel stock and other…

  • 3-1/4" to 8" Extendable Aluminum C-Clamp
    3-1/4" to 8" Extendable Aluminum C-Clamp
    6 Review(s)
    $19.99 $9.99

    SAVE 50%

    Say goodbye to the slow closing action of traditional C-clamps—this clever variation features a thumb-actuated quick-release lever that lets you slam the jaws shut in record time. Not only that, but its clamping range can be extended just as quickly with a second quick-release lever mounted…

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