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  • Rockler Tablesaw CrossCut Sled
    Rockler Tablesaw CrossCut Sled
    121 Review(s)
    $139.99 $109.99

    SAVE 21%

    No more squinting at those tiny scales - this Crosscut Sled's large protractor scale lets you precisely tune your angles for air-tight miters and crosscuts. Easy-to-read 1/2° graduations and a hair-line indicator ensure error-free setups, while a heavy-duty aluminum fence, adjustable MDF fence…

  • Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig
    Rockler Taper / Straight Line Jig
    105 Review(s)
    $79.99 $59.99

    SAVE 25%

    With a simple indexed angle setting system, heavy duty hold-down clamps and a smooth sliding design, it makes tapered cuts fast, easy and more precise. Perfect for chair legs, table legs and more. Jig fits snug in any standard 3/8" x 3/4" miter slot and features a large, ergonomic handle for smooth…

  • Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig
    Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig
    160 Review(s)
    $29.99 $24.99

    SAVE 17%

    The Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig is the ultimate aid for installing drawer slides of almost any type, including ball-bearing or epoxy-coated side-mount slides and even center-mount slides! The jig features a locking wedge that holds the slide securely with no risk of slippage. Press the jig…

  • LED Big Bulbs
    LED Big Bulbs
    37 Review(s)
    From: $19.99

    SAVE 20%

    This jumbo LED light bulb screws into any standard light socket for bright, even light distribution. It features a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens and a long LED life of 25,000 hours. With energy consumption of only 30 to 50 watts, but light output of 2570 to 4275 lumens, it represents an…

  • Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit
    Bench Cookie® Plus Master Kit
    102 Review(s)
    $59.99 $39.99

    SAVE 33%

    Use Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers alone on the bench to grip and protect your workpieces, or use them with the included standard risers and XL risers to fix them to your dog holes or to allow space for a router bit or jigsaw blade beneath the workpiece. The Master Kit even includes eight…

  • HVLP Spray System
    HVLP Spray System
    264 Review(s)
    $149.99 $99.99

    SAVE 33%

    Features adjustable spray nozzle for horizontal, vertical, or round flat positions. Included with your HVLP Spray System are:* Spray Gun w/Sprayer Station. Sprayer station plugs in and produces air flow to the spray gun via a turbine.* Sprayer Cup that attaches to spray gun; Replacement cups are…

  • Rockler Bandy Clamps
    Rockler Bandy Clamps
    148 Review(s)
    From: $9.99

    SAVE 50%

    You'll find it easier than ever to clamp edge moldings of almost any contour with our clever new Bandy Clamp™ edge clamps. The Bandy Clamp combines the easy one-handed operation of a spring clamp with the even pressure and no-mar qualities of a super-tough rubber band. Just open the clamp and…

  • Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig
    Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig
    79 Review(s)
    $27.99 $19.99

    SAVE 29%

    Struggling to hold cabinet parts in alignment while driving fasteners can be an exercise in frustration, and if you're using a nail gun, downright dangerous. The Rockler Clamp-It® Corner Clamping Jig eliminates that frustration by providing another set of "hands" to hold your parts together.…

  • Linkable 4000-Lumen 4' LED Shop Light
    Linkable 4000-Lumen 4' LED Shop Light
    33 Review(s)
    $49.99 $39.99

    SAVE 20%

    This 4' LED utility light is linkable, allowing you to chain up to 4 identical lights together to light a large work area on a single outlet. Whether you are using it in the shop, garage, laundry room or utility room, it makes a great replacement for those outdated fluorescent fixtures. The LEDs…

  • Rockler Broad Shoulder Apron
    Rockler Broad Shoulder Apron
    130 Review(s)
    $19.99 $14.99

    SAVE 25%

    With its large, padded shoulder straps and adjustable back strap, our Broad Shoulder Apron keeps your most important tools within easy reach without sacrificing comfort. Made from 14 oz. duck cotton, it is sure to stand up to years of hard use. The sturdy waist strap features a quick-release buckle…

  • 6 Piece Spade Drill Bit Set
    6 Piece Spade Drill Bit Set
    22 Review(s)
    $14.99 $3.99

    SAVE 73%

    Drill flat-bottomed holes quickly with these quality steel spade bits. Contoured paddles allow fast drilling. Bit sizes are 3/8", 9/16", 11/16", 13/16", 7/8", and 15/16". Bits are 6" long including the hexagonal shank for easy changes in and out of your drill.

  • Full Spectrum H-Series 20" x 12" Desktop CO2 Laser Engraver/Cutter Package
    Full Spectrum H-Series 20" x 12" Desktop CO2 Laser Engraver/Cutter Package
    9 Review(s)
    From: $3,749.99

    Cutting and engraving with the Full Spectrum 5th Generation H-Series CO2 Laser is as simple as printing to a desktop printer. Just hook up the USB, hit "Print" and watch the magic happen. The machine's powerful CO2 laser can cut and dimension wood and acrylic up to 1/4" thick, and engrave glass,…

  • Rockler Glue Applicator Set
    Rockler Glue Applicator Set
    30 Review(s)
    $19.99 $9.99

    SAVE 50%

    With four glue applicators included—a Standard Glue Spout, a silicone brush for wider boards, a roller for very wide boards, and a mortise tip for traditional mortises, domino mortises and biscuit slots—this kit lets you deposit glue precisely where you want it, with minimal…

  • Rockler Trim Router Table
    Rockler Trim Router Table
    57 Review(s)
    $59.99 $39.99

    SAVE 33%

    Get more out of your compact router with a rugged, adjustable Trim Router Table that goes anywhere! A Rockler exclusive, the Trim Router Table features pre-drilled holes on the back that let you attach a clamping strip for quick use on the edge of a bench, a table, a piece of plywood or the…

  • Rockler Cross-Back Shop Apron
    Rockler Cross-Back Shop Apron
    95 Review(s)
    $29.99 $22.49

    SAVE 25%

    The Rockler Cross-Back Shop Apron offers our popular criss-crossed straps, which take the weight off of your neck, and they've been widened for even greater comfort. The long length of the apron provides good leg coverage, protecting your torso and thighs from dust, glue, finishes and excess wear…

  • Rikon 50-151 1" x 30" Belt Sander/5" Disc Sander
    Rikon 50-151 1" x 30" Belt Sander/5" Disc Sander
    34 Review(s)
    $109.99 $99.99

    With its compact footprint, the Rikon 50-151 Belt/Disc Sander easily fits on a benchtop or table to provide a versatile sanding station wherever you need it. If you're machining multiple small parts, you can set it up right next to your band saw or scroll saw so you can sand parts immediately after…

  • HomeRight Spray Shelter
    HomeRight Spray Shelter
    1 Review(s)
    $59.99 $49.99

    SAVE 17%

    This collapsible spray shelter from HomeRight helps to reduce overspray drift that would otherwise float away and settle on grass, plants or valuable items in your garage or shed. In addition, the roof and walls help to keep dust from settling on your freshly finished pieces. Lightweight and…

  • Laguna C|Flux 1.5hp 1-Micron Cyclone Dust Collector
    Laguna C|Flux 1.5hp 1-Micron Cyclone Dust Collector
    2 Review(s)
    From: $989.99

    SAVE 10%

    The c|flux:1 is part of a series of Laguna cyclonic dust collectors that feature a horizontal chute designed to maximize airflow while improving the volume of air moved (measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM). It comes with a high-frequency remote control, a 1.5hp, 110v motor (convertible to…

  • AO Safety 90541 WorkTunes® Digital AM/FM Stereo with Hearing Protection
    AO Safety 90541 WorkTunes® Digital AM/FM Stereo with Hearing Protection
    35 Review(s)
    $71.99 $29.99

    SAVE 58%

    Listen to music instead of your power tools! The built-in AM/FM tuner in these comfortable headphones now features an easy-to-read LCD display, seek/scan tuning buttons, a low-battery indicator, and the ability to pre-set up to ten different stations. Everything is designed for convenient radio…

  • Earlex Spray Station 5500 with Bonus 1.5mm Fluid Tip Needle
    Earlex Spray Station 5500 with Bonus 1.5mm Fluid Tip Needle
    20 Review(s)
    From: $299.99

    SAVE 12%

    Spraying water and oil-based coatings is so much easier and convenient with the Earlex Spray Station 5500—and you get a quality spray-on finish! This semi-pro paint spray station is designed for the light contractor, woodworker, and serious DIY enthusiast. It has three spray patterns with an…

  • Rockler Bench Dog® Ultra Push-Bloc™
    Rockler Bench Dog® Ultra Push-Bloc™
    93 Review(s)
    $9.99 $7.49

    SAVE 25%

    Features: * Ergonomically-correct handle.* Non-marring rubber bottom uses the same high-friction rubber surface found on our Patent Pending Bench Cookie™ Work Grippers.* Gives you maximum control while routing, jointing, and ripping.

  • HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer
    HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer
    5 Review(s)
    From: $59.99

    SAVE 14%

    Achieving a smooth, even topcoat is astonishly easy if you're armed with the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer. Thanks to its HVLP design, you get minimal overspray, meaning the finish goes on your project rather than all over your shop. The sprayer is ideal for thinner viscosity materials…

  • Grr-Ripper® 15th Anniversary Package
    Grr-Ripper® 15th Anniversary Package
    5 Review(s)
    $279.50 $259.99

    This package bundles two Grr-Ripper GR-200 Push Block Systems, two 1/8" Side Legs, two Handle Bridge Kits, two Gravity Heel Kits, two Deflector/Connector Kits and an instructional DVD. The Grr-Ripper GR-200 Advanced 3D Pushblock is designed to feed your workpieces more safely and more accurately…

  • Sjobergs Compact Workbench
    Sjobergs Compact Workbench
    9 Review(s)
    $359.99 $269.99

    SAVE 25%

    This little workbench packs all of the big bench features you've come to expect from Sjobergs into a compact footprint - perfect for those with smaller shops. The bench is built from solid birch, and held together with sturdy lag bolts and mortise-and-tenon joints. It features a full-featured tail…

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