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Polycryl® Wood Fortifier

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Fills and strengthens weak, spalted wood for turning.
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Punky, spalted wood can yield some of the most intricate grain patterns and texture, but how do you turn or carve it without the whole thing falling apart? That's where Polycryl comes in. A large-molecular-weight acrylic polymer, Polycryl fills and strengthens semi-punky or spalted wood, making it easier to turn and carve. It's easy and safe to use, dries clear and will not yellow in the wood. Polycryl is water-soluble and penetrates best when the wood is green. Polycryl may not fortify extremely punky wood. The softer the wood, the better the penetration. It will not penetrate hard wood. Polycryl should be used before Pentacryl. All types of finishes and glues can be used once Polycryl has dried. The final product should be finished to seal Polycryl into the wood.

DIRECTIONS: The wood should be rough-carved or turned first to obtain the best results. Add 1 part Polycryl to 4 parts hot water and mix well. It is important to use a weak solution at first to obtain maximum penetration.

  • Soaking method: Soak wood in the diluted solution overnight or until wood is completely saturated. Once saturated, place wood in a full-strength solution of Polycryl. Let the wood remain in the solution for at least one week. Large pieces may take longer. Once wood is saturated with Polycryl, remove from the solution, drain and dry slowly in an unheated, cool area.
  • Brushing method: When a piece of wood to be treated is too large for soaking, Polycryl can be brushed on. First, brush on the diluted Polycryl solution until the wood is saturated. Cover the wood with plastic to prevent drying between applications. Once the wood has been saturated with the diluted solution, apply a full-strength solution of Polycryl. Brush on as much Polycryl as the wood will absorb and cover with plastic. Repeat this process until the wood is completely saturated. This may take a week or more of repeated applications. It is important to keep the wood wrapped in plastic during the treatment process. Remove the plastic to allow the wood to dry slowly in an unheated, cool area.

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(1) Polycryl® Wood Fortifier

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Part Number: POLYCRYL - QT
  • Weight (lbs): 2.4500

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