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Bench Cookie Work Grippers

Rockler Bench Cookies

Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers

If you've ever clamped a board awkwardly over the edge of your bench for routing, struggled to hold a workpiece while sanding or cursed yourself for scratches left on your project by a rough work surface, you owe it to yourself to try Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers. They lift your workpiece off the surface to provide plenty of clearance for edge-profiling router bits. High-friction rubber pads grip the workpiece to keep it from shifting during sanding — without the need for clamps. And the rubber pads are soft, so they protect the surface of your project from dents and other damage. Plus, Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers also incorporate threaded inserts to attach accessories that expand their versatility so you can get more done in the shop.
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Specialized Project Support - Finishing Cones and Bridges

Bench Cookie Finishing Cones and Bridges
Rockler Bench Cookies with finishing point cones and bridges
Finishing goes a lot quicker if you can do all sides of a project at once. That's what Bench Cookie® Finishing Cones and Rockler Bench Cookie® Bridges allow you to do. They fit snugly onto Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers to provide elevation and stability with minimal contact so they won't mar the finish. Finishing Cones work with a variety of projects, while the Rockler Bench Cookie® Bridges are specifically designed to hold narrow stock and dowels.

Use Your Bench Cookie Almost Anywhere - Risers and Clips

Bench Cookie Finishing Cones and Bench Cookie Finishing Bridge
Use your Bench Cookie® Plus Work Grippers in a standard bench dog hole, in T-track or on a sawhorse — wherever the job requires. Different sizes of Bench Cookie® Risers are available to lift your project to the height you need for routing or sawing. Threaded rods in the Bench Cookie® Risers screw into the insert in the Work Grippers. The Sawhorse Clips for Bench Cookie Plus® make it easy to get non-slip, non-marring support on sawhorses made with standard construction lumber.
Use Your Bench Cookie Almost Anywhere - Risers and Clips