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Circular Saw Blades

  1. 28T blade rips veneered plywoods, fine moldings, melamine, laminates, and crosscuts in solid woods
  2. Freud SD208S 8'' Dado Set (SawStop Compatible)
    Freud SD208S 8'' Dado Set
    Compatible with most table saws, including SawStop, SawStop Jobsite and other saws with safety brake technology.
  3. 10'' x 80T Freud Industrial Thin Kerf Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade (LU79R010)

    Starting at: From $54.97

  4. 10'' x 40T x 5/8'' Arbor Freud Industrial Thin Kerf General Purpose Blade (LU86R010)

    Starting at: From $40.97

  5. Freud LU87R008 8" x 22T Industrial Thin Kerf Rip Blade (other sizes available).

    Starting at: From $32.97

  6. 46520 - Rockwell VersaCut 3-3/8' 24T Carbide-Tipped Saw Blade (RW9231)
    Out of stock
  7. 45766 - Rockwell VersaCut 3-3/8' 44T HSS Saw Blade (RW9229)

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $10.49

  8. 48174 - Rockwell VersaCut 3-3/8' Diamond Grit Saw Blade (RW9228)
    Out of stock
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